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40 Outside-the-box Backyard Play Sets

Sandbox With A Slide

Image credits: Alsu Zaydullina via Canva

There’s not a parent on the planet who wouldn’t agree to this idea. It’s stylish, sophisticated, sturdy, and doubles as a place to store all those big outdoor toys. You could even get craftier and turn the underneath area into a sandbox. Double the fun!

A Tire Dome

Image credits: fisun yilmaz via Canva

If you already used up your old tires for number 14, then try your luck with a few yard sales. However, you do it, gather up a nice stack of old tires and create this awesome climbing dome. Slap some bright colors on for a pop of character, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a fun toy for the kids.

Fun Teepe

Wooden teepee playhouse
Image credits: triocean via Canva

Another one for the skilled craftsmen out there. This cool teepee is a great backyard playset and takes up very little room. The beauty of this guy is that it can easily be moved to a new spot.

Monkey Wall

tire playground
Image credits: MrMuml3le via Canva

More tires! Seriously, when I said to start collecting old tires, I wasn’t kidding. There are tons of cool ideas like this that just about anyone can do. Stick some beams in the ground with some cement footings, and you’ve already done the hard part.

Fancy Playhouse

Child's Playhouse
Image credits: JCalvin via Canva

You can easily build this fort to match the style of your home, and it makes a cool fort for the kids. String up some lights and turn it into a reading nook for Mom during the evenings.

Tire Swing

Tire Swing
Image credits: steverts via Canva

For those of you who are getting all sorts of great ideas to make tire swings and such, here’s a great infographic on how exactly you should be doing it. It’s not a matter of stringing up a tire around a branch (although you probably could), but this way makes a much better and stronger swing for the kids.

Simple See-Saw

Image credits: pailoolom via Canva

I remember my grandpa always building things like this for the backyard. He never bought a thing, it was all handmade. And why not? We should all be doing that. It’s not as complicated as you might think. There are tons of great DIY projects out there, and with a splash of color and a few stripes, you can make it super fun to look at, too.

Tire Tower

school playground made by rubber tire
Image credits: moxumbic via Canva

See a trend happening? Tires are the ultimate DIY backyard playset tool. You can do anything with them. Like this cool tower, for example. You don’t need to be stuck to one shape. Be as creative as you want and build the tower that will catch the eye.

Build-Up Sandbox

Sandpit and playhouse in the park
Image credits: ChrisSteer via Canva

We actually created something very similar to this a few years ago. We built a basic sandbox and two partition walls to attach an awning overhead. I threw in a small chalkboard and a few things the kids spent hours playing in it. The use of PVC pipes in this one is just fantastic, too.

T-Shaped Swing

Swing in a backyard
Image credits: slobo via Canva

A quick fix to keep your kids entertained without committing too much of your yard space is a T-shaped swing set. Only one cement footing is needed, but by creating the T-shape, you can hang two swings at once. Awesome, and everyone gets a turn. Just make sure you install the swing properly and safely.

Folding Climbing Wall

Boy on playground climbing wall
Image credits: ajfletch via Canva

This idea lets you set up a fun obstacle course-type playset. When you’re done for the day, simply fold it up and store it away under the deck or in the garage. Because it goes flat, you can slip it in just about anywhere.

Climbing Tires

Playground built with old tires
Image credits: lamyai via Canva

Okay, this is the last tire-inspired backyard playground set, I promise. But it is pretty awesome. Instead of a traditional ladder, you can add this one to your kid’s setup and create a fun way up and down the fort.

The Ultimate Clubhouse

Image credits: digitalhallway via Canva

This handy dandy instructional DIY playground idea gives you everything you need to create a cool clubhouse like this one. You’ll have to make a run to the hardware store, but believe me when I say it’s worth it. Your kids will love you forever.

Skateboard Swing

swing made from recycled skateboard
Image credits: mtreasure via Canva

Either scout around the yard sales this Summer or tap into the stack of old skateboards you have in the garage because the decks make for some pretty sweet swing seats. This idea shows you how to create a regular seated swing as well as a standing option.

Elevated Platform

Image credits: Arella-Photography via Canva

Here we have an idea to create a basic platform and slide. But if you’re the creative type, and I’m betting you are if you clicked on this article, then you can probably imagine the many awesome things you could add to this.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe
Image credits: Wojtek Skora via Canva

Tic Tac Toe is one of the simplest yet developing games that have been invented. By implementing it into your backyard, you will be able to keep your children entertained for hours. There are many ways to create it. You can use some ropes and wooden pieces, as shown in the picture. However, you don’t have to be limited this way. Simply find some other inspirations and build this game how you want.


Outdoor Cornhole Game
Image credits: Ryan Snyder via Creative Commons

Another great way to spend quality time outside is by playing cornhole. Thanks to that game, not only kids but also adults will have a lot of fun. Building a cornhole board won’t take too much time nor extend the budget. It’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of skills.

Backyard Twister

Playing Twister Outdoors
Image credits: Kamchatka via Canva

Everybody knows how to play twister since it is one of the most entertaining games, no matter the age. However, most of us are used to playing it inside, so why don’t you try doing it outside? If you don’t have a playing mat, don’t worry. We recommend you use spraying paint to paint the circles, and voila!

Backyard Trampoline

Big backyard trampoline
Image credits: rustycanuck via Canva

If you want your kids to really get tired so later they won’t be able to be naughty, just get them a trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline is also a great way to exercise and will have a positive effect on their health. What’s best, after your kids are done using it, it can be your turn to have fun!


Croquet mallets and balls lying on the grass
Image Credits: Troy Taylor on Unsplash

Another fun game for everybody that is extremely easy to set up is croquet. All you need are 6 color mallets, 6 color balls, 9 wickets, 2 stakes, and you are ready to go. You can organize family tournaments and have fun for hours, thanks to this game!

To Wrap Up

These unique backyard playground ideas will that your children won’t ever be bored while spending time in the yard. Just remember that it’s all about creativity, so don’t be afraid of experimenting. After all, not only should your kids have fun playing outside, but you also need to enjoy yourself while creating them.

Did any of these ideas inspire you to transform your backyard into the ultimate playground for your family? Even just a small fix as simple as a single swing. We want to hear about it! Comment and share your DIY backyard playsets.