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8 Under Deck Ideas To Maximize Your Backyard Space

When we plan out our patio space, we always look at beautiful ideas to complement the garden. However, we often overlook the space under the deck, and it is left there just collecting dust when it can massively contribute to the overall charm of your home.

While you could use it as storage or simply hide it, why not make it an addition to your elegant yard? Here are some unique under-deck space ideas to help you maximize your backyard space and add to the overall worth of your home.

8 Under Deck Ideas To Maximize Your Backyard Space

1. Under Deck Patio for Raised Decks

If you are a DIY lover, then building a paver patio might just be ideal for you! It will take a bit of research, but at the end of it all, you will know how to carry it out. First, you will need to ensure that the area is flat for your patio. It may call for a retaining wall. If you want to have heavy objects there, for example, a grill or a hot tub, you will need to find thicker pavers to use. 

If you want to build on top of your patio, you will have to be extra cautious with anchoring gazebos to paving stones that have not been cemented in. Of course, before you begin with any work, check out your homeowner’s association regulations and your local building laws and codes to ensure that you don’t do something that is restricted.

2. Make It Into a Dry and Usable Space

This is a fantastic plan for people who have raised decks. All you have to do is install a drainage system under the deck. It will ensure the space remains useable and dry for entertainment, relaxation, and storage purposes. The best part of this is that if you want to, you can enclose the space by making it a screened-in porch. This way, you can use it all year long!

3. Make Yourself a DIY Fire Pit

If you have already got a paver-covered patio, you could always extend the space under your deck and connect it to your backyard. Creating a firepit is a great idea if you want to add a place to cook and gather around with your friends and family. Of course, take precautions to ensure that nothing catches fire. Therefore, all flammable objects should be over 10 feet away. Making a firepit is usually a simple DIY project. However, if you are not the handiest person, or just simply lack the time to build one, you can always purchase one.

4. Create a Kid’s Play Area

If you have kids, this is the idea for you! While ideas such as treehouses and camp areas may seem like much more fun options, kids also very much enjoy having secret hideouts. Moreover, there’s less of a risk of getting hurt. Remodeling your under-deck area to fit the style and preferences of your child can be challenging but not impossible.

5. Outdoor Entertainment and Dining Area

During the hot summer days, you may prefer not to be confined to the indoors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is why an under-deck kitchen and dining area can be a fantastic idea! A table with a few comfortable chairs, an outdoor kitchen set, a ceiling fan for the hot days, and a heater or a fireplace for the colder ones, and you are set! The decor options are many, and this would be the place to let your imagination flow.

This will give you and your family a wonderful, cozy space to have meals, coffee, or simply relax and chat. If you are into sports or movies, you can put up a TV and enjoy them there. If you prefer to listen to music and party, you can put up speakers and make it the perfect spot for this purpose.

6. Pergola

It adds to your yard’s aesthetic; it is functional if you are growing vines – what better option than that? On top of that, you can build one yourself, if DIY projects tickle your fancy. The average cost of making one will depend on the size of the pergola itself, but if we’re talking about a standard size one, it could be anywhere between $500 and $800.
What you need to make one is:

  • 4 posts (preferably 6×6 treated posts)
  • 4 header boards
  • Crossing boards (purlins)
  • Stringer Boards

The number of the last two bullet points will mostly depend on how much shade you’d like and on how big the pergola is.

7. Landscape

No matter if the space underneath your deck is closed off, or open, landscape it to make it pop. There are heaps of ideas you can use, but the use of wood chips, brick, or edging in order to outline borders between plants is quite popular nowadays. If you combine this with filling with natural stones or mulch, it’s the perfect plan. However, as with everything else, you have to be careful! Mulch attracts pests, so ensure that it is far enough from the house’s foundation.

8. Beautify Your Ground Level Deck

If you have a deck that is on the ground level, landscape it in a way that adds more appeal to the rest of your yard and home. The first thing you would want to do is to choose your plants. Larger shrubs or small trees are some plants you could use. You should also look at ornamental grasses to fill the space in between. Then decide on the layout.

The next step would be to put in landscape edging so that you have a clear idea of the border between this and your garden. Afterward, put down the landscape fabric and determine the layout you want to have. Finally, cut holes in it and plant the trees, shrubs, and grass you’ve chosen. 

To bring it all together, add a few inches of mulch on top so that the fabric is hidden. You can find more details about landscaping around the deck here. You can also use this space to transform your backyard into a dreamy getaway by DIY-ing water features!

In Summary

There are millions of ideas to make your under-deck area more appealing and, honestly, there’s no good reason not to. If you bought the house as a fixer-upper, the addition to the under-deck space is certain to increase its value. If you bought the house for your own living space, this could mean much more space for entertainment, storage, or living. Whether you make the space into an addon to your garden, an outdoor kitchen and dining room area, or even a kids’ playground, you will have made the right decision!