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29 Best Unique Christmas Tree Ideas for Your Home in 2021

Christmas is about tradition, but that doesn’t mean you have to decorate the exact same way every year. If you are tired of tinsel, fed up with festiveness, or done with your decorations, consider having an unconventional Christmas tree this year. This list features the 29 best unique Christmas tree decorating ideas for people looking to have a show-stopping, memorable tree.

Unique Christmas Trees

rainbow themed year round trees
Credit: Suzanne, Smart Fun DIY, Suzanne

You can put unique decorations on your tree, or just start off with a totally unconventional tree as your base! Below are some of the best unique Christmas trees you can buy online.

Upside-Down Christmas Trees

Upside-Down Green Christmas Tree

I love the look of upside-down Christmas trees! They are showstoppers, and sure to be remembered. This Prelit Upside Down Artificial Christmas Tree has the classic look of a full, green Christmas tree, except, of course, it’s balanced on its head. It’s the perfect size for most homes, easy to assemble, and comes with a tree stand.

    Vickerman Green Upside Down Tree

Buy at Amazon
    Includes Metal Stand. 519 PVC Tips, with Dura-lit Lights that utilize microchips in each socket so bulbs stay lit even when some bulbs are broken or missing.

Upside-Down White Christmas Tree

If your tree is already going to be upside-down, why not further turn tradition on its head by making it glowing white? An excellent upside-down white Christmas tree option is this Unlit White Upside-Down Christmas Tree. It’s a beautiful bright white color, comes with a sturdy stand, and is easy to assemble.

    Vickerman 55' Unlit White Upside Down Artificial Christmas Tree

Buy at Amazon
    519 PVC Tips, Metal tree stand is included. 10 Year Limited Manufacturer warranty. This tree is unlit but available in different heights and prelit.

Colorful Christmas Trees

colorful christmas tree in room with blue piano

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Whether you want to celebrate Pride in December or love multi-colored trees, this Rainbow Christmas Tree is a bright and cheery addition to any Christmas celebration. It’s 7-feet tall and has a full shape with 1,213 branch tips, so you can hang all of your favorite, colorful Christmas decorations. Add rainbow string lights to compliment this tree’s bright colors with bright lights!

    Best Choice Products 7ft Artificial Colorful Rainbow Full Fir Christmas Tree

Buy at Amazon
    7-foot artificial tree is guaranteed to be an immediate eye-catcher in any setting, made with a colorful swirl design unlike any tree you've seen!

Black Christmas Tree

black xmas tree ideas wide full black tree decor
Credit: Treetopia

Although I recognize that the color black might not exactly be “merry and bright,” it’s a stunning color for Christmas trees to be. Silver, gold, red, and white decorations all look incredible on black Christmas trees like Best Choice Products’ 6ft Full Black Christmas Tree. With an easy-to-use foldable stand and hinged branches, this tree is super simple to set-up. All you’ll have to worry about is what decor to add to make it pop!

    Best Choice Products 6ft Artificial Full Christmas Tree

Buy at Amazon
    Fluffs in approximately 30-45 minutes (6ft) or 45-60 minutes (7.5ft), with 1,477 branch tips to create a full appearance and ample space to hang Christmas ornaments or Halloween decor. Hinged branches and foldable stand for quick setup and tear-down, making it easy to store until the next year

Gold Tree

closeup of artificial christmas tree made of gold tinsel and strung with gold leaf-shaped sequins

Bring on the sparkles! This glitzy, golden National Tree Company Artificial Champagne Tinsel Tree will add some shimmer and shine to your Christmas celebration. Pair it with other metallic decorations, like silver ornaments, or bright red decor, like red bows, for a truly gorgeous tree.

    National Christmas Tree Champagne Tinsel Tree, 6 Feet

Buy at Amazon
    Convenient wrapped branch design makes setup and take down for storage fast and easy. Built to endure many holidays. Our time-tested needles are fire resistant and non-allergenic. This Christmas tree measures 6 feet tall and 20 inches in diameter at the base. Add ornaments and other tree décor to create an eye-catching holiday display

Unconventional Christmas Trees

Ladder Christmas Tree

ladder christmas tree tutorial diy dea vita
Credit: Dea Vita

Elevate your Christmas tree game with a Ladder Christmas Tree! This budget-friendly, eco-friendly option is a step-up from traditional Christmas trees-quite literally. This easy DIY allows you to completely customize your Christmas tree and goes well with other trendy, rustic decorations.

PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

pvc pipe christmas tree diy tutorial
Credit: Martha Stewart

Having a fun, alternative Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, because you can have a pipe tree! This PVC Pipe Christmas Tree project is an easy DIY that works and looks great in compact spaces. Simply cut sections of the PVC Pipes, stick them to a flat panel in a tree pattern, and decorate them by sticking your favorite ornaments in the pipe holes.

Hanging Branches Tree

hanging branches tree diy crafts by amanda tutorial
Credit: Crafts by Amanda

Branch out this Christmas by making a Hanging Branch Christmas Tree. For this simple DIY tree you just have to collect fallen branches that gradually increase in size. Tie them up using twine into the shape of a tree. Hang it up on your wall and decorate it with ornaments and lights for a uniquely beautiful tree!

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

wince cork christmas tree diy tutorial
Credit: Decor by the Seashore

Wine not make this Wine Cork Christmas Tree? This simple, small tree is perfect for wine lovers who want to add a festive decoration to their home- and need something to do with all those old wine corks.

You can either stack the corks in a pyramid shape or glue them in an upright position around a styrofoam cone. Decorate them with lights, bows, stars, and small ornaments for a festive finishing touch.

Floating Christmas Tree

three hanging tree mobile silver green clear ornaments tutorial diy
Credit: Not Martha

Who says your Christmas tree needs a tree? This Floating Christmas Tree includes everything but the tree, with ornaments suspended on fishing twine and twinkle lights strung around them. For a finishing touch hang your star on top of the “tree” from the ceiling.

Unique Christmas Tree Skirts

unique tree skirts ideas with small sleeping dog pet tax

An excellent way to give a subtle, unique accent to your Christmas tree is by getting playful with my favorite tree accessory- the tree skirt. Below are some quirky Christmas tree skirt ideas for your unconventional tree.

Sparkly Tree Skirts

Light Up Christmas Tree Skirt

I find that people often overlook tree skirts, just seeing them as a platform to store presents on. No one will overlook this Light Up Christmas Tree Skirt, it demands attention with it’s luxurious, furry feel and bright rainbow lights. You can set the lights to fixed mode to calmly admire them, or flash mode for a light show in your living room.

    LED Light Plush Tree Skirt

Buy at Amazon
    Sturdy yet very soft & comfortable. Quality Product Made of Durable Materials Fast Shipping from USA Unrivalled Customer Support48 inch full large size. Suitable for most of Christmas trees.

Rose Gold Tree Skirt

Make the main attraction of your tree this Glittery Gold Tree Skirt! Covered in metallic sequins, this tree skirt can’t help being the center of attention. Its rose gold color looks phenomenal with other metallic ornaments and tree decorations.

    Sequin Christmas Tree Skirt (Rose Gold)

Buy at Amazon
    48Inch Round, Rose Gold Handmade Sequin Christmas Tree Skirt. Light Reflects well off the sequins, adds elegance to any event. Approx. 7 inch diameter opening Mesh backing

Tree Skirts With Character

Zero Tree Skirt

Nothing flips Christmas tradition on its head quite like the Nightmare Before Christmas. If you are a huge fan of this cult Christmas classic you will love this  Zero Tree Skirt. Nobody will steal your presents with Zero loyally guarding your tree.

    Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Skirt

Buy at Etsy
    This would best suit a 6ft Christmas Tree. Measurements can be bigger or smaller depending on the size of your tree and the Zeros are made to suit the size of your tree.

Grinch Tree Skirt

This Grinch Tree Skirt won’t steal Christmas but it might steal the show. The fun patterns and bright colors used in the skirt are festive and full of cheer, working well with whimsical trees or trees that play into the white, green, and red color scheme. You’ll love looking at each unique panel on this one-of-a-kind tree skirt.

    Christmas Tree Skirt with the Grinch, Quilted, Personalized option

Buy at Etsy
    The Grinch fabrics have been combined with a vibrant red and green to create this Suess themed Christmas Tree Skirt, stitched in a snowflake pattern and quilted with a light Polydown Batting for a beautiful drape and texture around the tree.

Peanuts Tree Skirt

Who doesn’t love Peanuts? If you always go all-in for Peanuts Christmas decorations then this Peanuts Tree Skirt is for you. It features all of your favorite Peanuts characters, brightly colored lights, clever button closures, and a deep red background color.

    Christmas tree skirt in Peanuts print fabric

Buy at Etsy
    Handmade Christmas tree skirt, made with an out-of-print Peanuts fabric that features Charlie Brown, Snoopy and all their friends. Green cotton fabric was used for the covered buttons, loop closures, bias trim, and the covered cording that trims the outer edges of the tree skirt. There is a hook-and-eye closure at both the top and bottom openings of the tree skirt (see pictures). The tree skirt measures approximately 38 in diameter, and the center opening is 3 in diameter.

Unique Christmas Tree Toppers

unique christmas tree decoration one of a kind toppers

Top of your unconventional Christmas tree with a completely unique tree topper. Below are my best unique Christmas tree topper ideas!

Magical Tree Toppers

White Unicorn Tree Topper

Your Christmas tree should be as special as a unicorn, or it could just be one with this beautiful Unicorn Tree Topper! Pair this topper with rainbow ornaments, pastel flowers, and a bright white tree for a unicorn-themed tree. If you want to take this idea over the top, craft a unicorn mouth and eyes to really transform your tree.

    Custom Unicorn Christmas Tree Topper

Buy on Etsy
    This adorable unicorn tree topper would look amazing on your Unicorn themed tree this Christmas! Color choices are silver, gold or rose gold for horn and inner ear color will match horn. Flower colors are Sea foam, Light Pink & Lavender unless other arrangements were made prior to purchase. Style of flower may vary due to what is in inventory but will always match accordingly.

Tree Swallowing Snake Topper

If you’re looking for a magical creature with a bit more bite, try this Tree Swallowing Snake Topper inspired by the snake in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Place his mouth over the top of your tree and wind his bright orange body around the branches below. It looks especially good swallowing black Christmas trees.

    Nightmare before Christmas Tree Eating Snake

Buy at Etsy
    I hand sew these tree snakes. I use a good quality anti pil fleece and stuff with anti allergen stuffing. This means that your tree snake will be soft and supple to bend however you please.

Christmas Tree Toppers With Projectors

unique xmas tree decoration topper with projector

Silver Star Snowflake Projector Tree Topper

Nothing may seem out of the ordinary with this Silver Star Snowflake Projector Tree Topper-until you turn it on. Then it projects gorgeous silver snowflakes onto the ceiling over your Christmas tree. Sit back and enjoy the show, your tree will look absolutely magical with this topper.

    OurWarm Christmas Tree Topper Lighted Star

Buy at Amazon
    This star tree topper features 3D hollow-out design with sparkling silver powder. Create magic and shining star for the top of your Christmas tree. With snowflake LED projector inside. Project high-definition snowflakes and neat effect

Golden Star Projector Christmas Tree Topper

Go for gold with this Golden Star Projecting Christmas Tree Topper! Its shimmery golden shine already makes it a show-stopper- so you can imagine how mesmerized you’ll be once you turn the projector on. It projects white stars onto the ceiling above that slowly rotate providing your tree with some warm, Christmas ambiance.

    YUNLIGHTS Lighted Christmas Tree Toppers with Rotating Star Projector

Buy at Amazon
    Four different patterns in warm white lights keep directional movement regularly. The LED projector lamp inside the star reflects at different angles for a neat effect. Not only for Christmas—also ideal as LED night light projector for children.

Humorous Christmas Tree Toppers

King Kong Tree Topper

First stop, the empire state building, second stop, your Christmas tree! In this hilarious King Kong Tree Topper it’s unclear whether King Kong is helping you put your star on the tree, or stealing it for himself, although he does seem to be in the Christmas spirit with a bright red Santa hat. He’ll be a huge holiday hit, as big as, well, King Kong!

    Tree Buddees King Kong Climbing The Tree

Buy on Etsy
    King Kong is climbing the xmas tree to place the star on top! Or taking it off depending on how you look at it. Either way, he's in his classic position, just like he's holding onto the building.

Yoda Tree Topper

“Luke… I am… your topper!” Okay, okay, Yoda wasn’t Luke’s topper—er, father. But the force is with your tree, or rather on your tree, with this Yoda Tree Topper. Yoda looks absolutely adorable suited up in Santa’s robes and hat. He is sure to make an impression on you and other star wars fanatics.

    Kurt Adler Classic Yoda Treetop Figurine

Buy at Amazon
    Take the force home with you this Christmas season with this Kurt Adler 10-inch Classic Yoda Treetop Figurine! Featuring Yoda in a Santa suit and hat, you can put this force on top of your Christmas tree as a treetop or you can display it as a table piece. Either way, may the force be with you.

Unique Christmas Tree Lights

a pile of christmas lights out of focus multicolor

One of the most important tree decorations is Christmas lights! Although lighting may seem straightforward, there are lots of fun, festive ways you can use lights. Below are my best unique Christmas tree light ideas.

Rainbow Morrocan Ball Lights

Some lights complement other decorations while other lights are the decoration that stands out. An example of those would be these Rainbow Morrocan Ball Lights. Their uniquely patterned shell is not only beautiful, but it also filters the colorful light in an unusual way that will set your tree apart. Use these versatile lights on your tree and year-round for other celebrations.

    Moroccan Ball Multicolor 15ft 20LED Globe Fairy String Lights

Buy at Amazon
    These upgraded Connectable Led String Lights are amazing decorated string lights for your Christmas! You can set the time(6 hours on and 18 hours off) and change 8 modes by remote that come with the lights. Built-in memory chip recalls the last function set.

Retro Bubble Lights

These are perhaps less unusual than nostalgic for some, but we think these colorful bubble lights are the right kind of quirky for contemporary Christmas decorations, even if they are technically a vintage design. With bold primary colors, a fun bubbling candelabra, and a larger size than most lights, these are sure to make your tree shine.

    Bubble Lights, Connectable Vintage Christmas Lights

Buy at Amazon
    Minetom bubble string lights with 9 multicolor bulbs-UL listed, vintage Christmas lights for Christmas tree celebrations lighting, indoor string lights decorations, green wire

Unique Christmas Tree Themes

You can make your tree look unique by putting together a lot of quirky elements, or you can decide on a theme for your decorations to follow, for a more put-together, unusual look. Below are some of the best unique themes you can use for your Christmas tree this year.

Nightmare Before Christmas

black xmas tree ideas wide nightmare before christmas
Credit: Christmas365

If merry, bright, and cheery is so not you, consider having a Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree. Use an artificial black Christmas tree as your canvas, hang Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments and bows on the tree, and top it off with Jack Skellington himself. This spooky, scary tree will be unlike any your guests have ever seen!

    Ornament & Tree Topper Set

Buy at Amazon
    Ornaments feature Jack Skellington on one side and different designs on the other side Other designs include Oogie Boogie; Dr. Finkelstein; Santa Claus; Sally; Lock, Shock & Barrel; The Mayor, and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas logo

White Christmas

closeup of all white and silver tree decorated for the holidays

If you love the idea of a white Christmas, but live in a climate where that is virtually impossible, consider having your own with an all-white tree! Decorate a White Christmas Tree with homemade snowflake ornaments, white ornament balls, and a white snowflake tree topper for a bright and stunning Christmas tree.

    Best Choice Products 6ft Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

Buy at Amazon
    PVC branches retain their shape and sport a crisp white color that, when fluffed, lends a touch of natural beauty to every holiday display

Pretty in Pink

Modern pink Christmas tree tinsel glitter closeup all pink

In my personal professional opinion, there is no such thing as too much pink, ever, even when decorating for holidays where pink isn’t a particularly traditional color to use. Decorate a Hot Pink Tree with Pink Ornaments and Pink Feather Boas for a striking, beautiful look. You can even rationalize leaving your tree up through Valentine’s day!

    National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree, Pink Tinsel - 6 ft

Buy at Amazon
    A new take on the vintage aluminum Christmas tree. With 520 pink branch tips, this decorative tree is sure to add a pop of sparkle to your home, indoor or covered outdoor locations.

Unique DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas crafts are one of my favorite holiday activities! Using the ideas below, you can make some unique, one-of-a-kind decorations for your Christmas tree!

Metallic Paper Ornaments

unique xmas tree decoration metallic paper ornament tutorial
Credit: Lia Griffith

These shimmery, scaly ornaments are a cinch to make and add a needed touch of texture and interest to a tree. With a few inexpensive items and a bit of time, you can whip up an entire tree full of glimmery metallic ornaments.

Christmas Card Ornaments

unique xmas tree decoration christmas card ornament tutorial
Credit: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

Are you the person who always saves the cards you receive each year? Are they sitting in boxes you never open? Time to break out the giant circle punch, those cards and a few common craft supplies and turn that hidden treasure into one the entire family can enjoy every year.

Disco Ball Tree Topper

unique xmas tree decoration disco ball topper tutorial
Credit: Queens Vein

The holidays have arrived, its time to party! Good thing this Disco Ball Tree Topper makes it easy to get in a dancing mood! To make this DIY project all you need is an 8-inch disco ball and a Forstner drill bit. Remove the disco ball’s hardware, drill a hole in it, and then place it on top of your tree. For some extra festive funkiness, add a Christmas tree spinner to the base of your tree!


Decorating for Christmas is so much fun, and it’s even more when you can add your own personal touches to your decor! When else do you get to completely decorate your house, from basement to roof? These uniquely festive and fun ideas will help you customize your tree this Christmas season, making it memorable, humorous, striking, or beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this list! If you did, be sure to share it and comment below with which unique idea you decided to use!