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15 of the Most Unusual Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year. One of the reasons why it’s so unique is that people can spend quality time with their beloved ones decorating the outside of their homes. However, to make it unique and memorable, why don’t you break away from the standard Santa Clauses, Snowmen, and other outdoor Christmas decorations and make your backyard look more unusual?

To make your property stand out and help you save time searching, you’ll find below 15 of the most unusual outdoor Christmas decorations to try in your yard. Go ahead and pick something suitable for yourself! 

The Most Creative & Unusual DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Santa Taking a Break

Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who find it amusing, Santa peeing from the rooftop or chimney is a quick and easy unusual Christmas decoration to install.

Place an inflatable Santa or cutout Santa on the roof and then attach a loose string of yellow lights to his middle section. Trail the lights away from Santa, down the roof, and over the edge. If you use extra-long lights, you can make the urine stream splash down into the yard beside the house.

Christmas Tree Bursting Through the Top of Your Roof

One of the favorite unusual Christmas decorations this year is the Christmas tree bursting through the top of the roof. This decoration requires climbing onto the roof, attaching the top one-third or a quarter of an easy-to-break-down artificial Christmas tree, and overlaying its edges with spare roof shingles. For an even better effect, add a bright tree topper, ornaments, and lights to the tree as well.

The Grinch Stealing Christmas Decorations from Your Yard

A quick yet unusual idea is the Grinch stealing Christmas decorations from your yard. After dressing your yard with regular Christmas decor, place an inflatable or wooden Grinch among the decorations. Put a string of lights in the Grinch’s hand and hang half of them up. If you want to get creative, you can give him a bag full of presents and decor as well.

Snowman Using Cellphone

How about a snowman using a cell phone or tablet? This decoration is super easy to set up and is as untraditional as the other ideas on this list. All you have to do is set out an inflatable snowman and glue or attach a toy cell phone, selfie stick, or tablet to his hands. Broken cell phones or tablets work just as well. This idea may also work great with real snowmen, as shown above.

 Santa Claus in the Outhouse

One idea that is both hilarious and uncomfortable at the same time is Santa Claus having no privacy using the outhouse. If you want to DIY with one from scratch, you’ll need to set up a mock outhouse.

After the outhouse is up, place Santa on the throne with the door open and your choice of elves, reindeer, and snowmen crowded around on both sides of Santa and the outhouse. Add lights and decorations to the outhouse for a bit more flair and creativity.

Chicken Wire Ornaments

If you’ve got a creative personality, chicken wire ornaments, gift boxes, and other designs are quick to make. Just grab a decent amount of flexible chicken wire, enough strands of light to cover them, and bend the wire into whatever shapes you like. 

These decorations can be as typical or unusual as you please. Your creativity is the only limitation as to how weird things get in your yard this Christmas.

Giant Christmas Ornaments

Another way to display non-traditional decorations in your yard this Christmas is by creating a handful of giant-sized ornaments. You can also use stencils to create Christmassy themes for these giant ornaments. Again, your imagination is your only limit here.

Twine Lanterns

Twine lanterns are an uncommon Christmas decoration idea, but these decorations are simple to make. All you need is a bit of twine and a strand of holiday lights for each lantern. Make sure the lights are waterproof!

Concrete/Cinder Block Square Gift Boxes

Glitter, paint, lights, ribbon, and bows can be added to these regular old cinder blocks to make them appear just like Christmas presents. You can also use various-sized bricks and other blocks or boxes of another material to give the appearance of different-sized gift boxes. The bigger your imagination, the better these gift boxes will turn out.

Mason Jar Window Lights

Mason jars are one of those things that everyone seems to have a few laying around or in storage. For this Christmas decor idea, you can break those jars out and dust them off. 

Simply placing various lights, even whole strands of lights, inside the jars and placing them on your porch or window sills turns them into vivid displays at night. Use something similar to these mini light projectors for your mason jars.

Giant Wooden Snowflakes with Lights

Another great outdoor decor idea for this Christmas is a ridiculously large wooden snowflake with lights. If you want to make a statement, try making more than one. This project will require a basic level of woodworking and the use of a handsaw or power tool. The size is up to you, but try to use plywood sheets, a chalk line, and tracing unique patterns to cut out.

When you’re done, you should have snowflakes large enough to lean up against a tree, light post, or even the side of the house or garage. Add glitter, paint, garland, and lights to add some flare (maybe even a spotlight).

Christmas Crate Train

One of the coolest DIY Christmas decorations this year is the Christmas crate train. This decoration idea consists of four or more wooden crates made over to appear like a train engine, cars, and caboose. To make this idea unusual be creative and resourceful, add some horror or sci-fi inflatables of your choice. Don’t forget to add the spotlights.

Snowman Zombie Family with Planters

Snowmen are as iconic as any Christmas character or symbol. There’s just something about them that melts our hearts and reminds us of simpler times. Terra Cotta pots for the garden, or plastic knock-offs, can be flipped upside-down and painted white.

Once faces are added, including two old-fashioned button eyes on each snowman, your creations come to life. That said, this year, why not put a spin on a handful of snowmen by painting them up like zombies?

Oversized Holiday Wreath

You can use a wide variety of materials to construct a mega-sized wreath for your yard. Piping, wind tunnels, old tent poles, and greenhouse frames are great places to start giving the wreath some initial shape.

After seeing how large it will be, take measurements and secure enough lights and either green garland or artificial tree branches to weave around the frame until it’s all green. Make sure to add plenty of lights and other decorations before standing it up and placing it.

The size depends solely on how you go about building it. But, oversized holiday wreaths can be so tall that they need a house, or garage, to support them.

Christmas Tree on Fire

Christmas trees are the mother of all holiday decorations. This year, set your yard decorations ablaze with a Christmas tree on fire. This display can be achieved in several manners. 

Start with a flameless fire pit tutorial that uses an artificial tree or artificial spruce and pine garland, as well as yellow, red, and orange lights with multiple display modes.

You can also move the fire effect indoors with the tutorial above and add an inflatable or wooden Santa Claus with a water hose trying to put the fire out. Run blue lights out of the hose and into the tree to give the appearance of running water.

What’s Your Favorite Unusual Outdoor Christmas Decoration Idea?

Decorating your yard doesn’t have to be dull. It can be way more interesting if you use your creativity and think outside the box. All you need is to choose one of the 15 inspirations listed in this article to transform your backyard into something fun and spectacular. However, the more ideas you utilize, the better, so do not limit yourself!

Do you have a knack for creating unusual Christmas displays? Share your ideas in the comment section!