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52 Water Wall Ideas for Indoors or Outdoors

There’s nothing quite so soothing as the sound of gurgling or rushing water as it streams through. Having a water feature can be a delightfully de-stressing, emotionally balancing thing. But, unfortunately, not all of us have a ton of space for one – or we don’t want to invest in a pond or give up the space we do have.

For those reasons – and probably many others – a water wall is a great alternative. You can still have that beautiful flowing water and soothing sound without the loss of much space or the energy investment that pond upkeep requires.

So, check out these gorgeous ideas for your own water walls that could make for the perfect choice for your front or backyard or even indoor spaces!

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Patio Water wall “Curtain”

Water Courtain
Image credits: edsansin via Canva

For those with patios, a water wall “curtain” is the perfect fit. This takes no extra space, adds a hint of privacy, and still gives that beautiful sound of rushing water.

Free-Standing “Mirror” Water wall

Image credits: HanakoCZE via Canva

This water wall concept uses a freestanding framework with a mirror surface for a constant flow of water over a silvery panel. The freestanding aspect of this makes it a little more challenging than some models, but if you can anchor it properly, there’s a certain magical touch to this one that those with standard frames just don’t have. It’s almost like a water portal to an unknown world.

Copper Backed Water wall

rough copper back
Image credits: prill via Canva

For a unique texture and color to your water wall, consider working with a copper-backed wall that reflects and bounces off the colors in a fun, unique way. It definitely gives privacy, too, so it’s a perfect solution for someone needing a small section of a privacy wall in the backyard.

Water wall “Window”

Peaking through the fast waterfall
Image credits: Inarts via Canva

If you’ve got some space where looking out (or in) doesn’t require clarity, using a water wall instead of a standard window might be a nice solution. Presumably, this is best suited to covered outdoor spaces or on the other side of an actual window (to prevent leakage!), but either way, it’s an intriguing way to view the world from your living space.

DIY Indoor Lighted Brick Water Wall

lights wall pattern
Image credits: poplasen via Canva

If you love colorful lights and water together, this YouTube tutorial can show you how to make a lighted indoor water wall with vibrant LEDs.

DIY Indoor “Fishing String” Water Wall

Water feature, fountains, falling water
Image credits: JFsPic via Canva

This particular water wall almost looks like a series of fishing lines hung from the ceiling, shooting down in the perfect flow. The beautiful wall is a unique choice for your indoor space.

Three-Paned Glass Water wall

Glass fountain
Image credits: JanHetman via Canva

For a nice subtle addition of privacy or just a free-standing water feature, this three-paneled concept is a great choice for a beautiful space just about anywhere. You can probably purchase the right one for your space, or, if you’re crafty, you might be able to DIY one from old shower glass.

Blue and White Tiled Water wall Into Pond

Oval hot tub spa with waterfall
Image credits: LagunaticPhoto via Canva

If you’ve got a pond already or are open to adding one to your space, you can create this sort of modern pond with a water wall using concrete and blue and white tiles. The feature has a bit of a public space feel, so you may want to adjust a little with the pond, but overall it’s a gorgeous idea that you could hire someone to make it easier or make for yourself if you’re handy.

Silver Water wall Sheet on Wood

Sheet Metal Silver
Image credits: detshana via Canva

If you’ve already got an attract wall in your indoor or outdoor space, you could take this concept of a water sheet on a wooden wall into the hand. The wall doesn’t have to be super solid or overly well-built, either, because the water wall supports itself.

7-Color LED Spillway

7-Color LED Spillway
Image credits: PONDO Store via Amazon

This 7-color LED spillway is the perfect way to create a water wall in whatever space you’ve got. The spillway affixes to existing walls, making it the perfect addition to existing features in your yard or home.

Bubble Light Wall Sconce

Bubble Light Wall Sconce
Image credits: Sunlite Store via Amazon

Not a traditional water wall, certainly, but this little wall sconce is the perfect solution for folks looking for a modern, vibrant, small space water wall type feature without the big expense, effort, or time-consuming feature.

Free-Standing Brick and Concrete Block Water wall

Swimming Pool Waterfall with brick stone wall
Image credits: Dontstop via Canva

Want something with a little more “meat” to it? Consider skipping the invisible aspects and go with a brick and concrete water wall you make from scratch. Basically, the concept is that you create the pool from the concrete blocks, lined of course, and a brick wall up from the pool as the actual water wall itself. It’s an attractive alternative for someone nervous about having giant sheets of glass around.

DIY Outdoor Water Wall Privacy Screen

Water wall
Image credits: Robin_Hoood via Canva

For an inexpensive, moderately easy creation, this DIY water wall tutorial from Interior Frugalista is the way to go. It’s perfect for outdoor use on the patio and adds a bit of privacy to that vulnerable space.

Water Blade Fountain

Wall of Water
Image credits: patty_c via Canva

A water blade water wall fountain is a great alternative for folks looking for a solid feature in the landscaping. You can add it to an old outdoor fireplace or build a new setting for it.

Staircase Waterfall Wall

Water flow on a high concrete staircase
Image credits: Viktor Ketal via Canva

For your indoor (or outdoor!) spaces with stairs, a unique twist on a water wall is letting that water flow down the stairs. Well, not the parts you walk on, of course. It’s a small, unique way to have a water feature without losing space or requiring a wall separating off spaces from each other.

Fire and Water Place

Fireplace with water fountain
Image credits: Newell’s photography via Canva

For those looking for some earthy elements, a fire and water place is a perfect choice! The concept combines the water wall with a fireplace for an intriguing, almost rustic, and ethereal touch in one unique space.

Poolside Water Wall

pool waterfall
Image credits: dtimiraos via Canva

If you’ve got a pool where a high privacy wall could come in handy, you could easily turn that into a water wall of almost any type. The wall already has the perfect place to pour water in, as well, which also helps to keep your pool circulating and the water fresher and cleaner overall. Absolutely a win-win-win!

Inside the Falls Water Wall

Pool waterfall
Image credits: HendrikDB via Canva

If you’ve got an overhang overlooking a pool or similarly attractive space, you may want to consider installing a water wall that basically creates a waterfall entryway. It’s a bit of a magical, fantastical piece, so admittedly it won’t suit everyone’s taste, but anyone wanting a little adventure would probably enjoy this tiny peek into wonder every time they step that way.

Framed Stone Water wall

Wall with water pattern
Image credits: Arturo Rosenow via Canva

If you’re looking for more of a fountain-style water wall or something that won’t take up an entire wall, you could consider something like a half-wall piece. This framed stone water wall concept is basically a brick wall with a water blade built-in. The frame gives the water feature a bit more distinct structure and an added element of interest.

“Iceberg” Water wall

Water wall
Image credits: ArturoBaeza via Canva

It’s not a real iceberg, but using glass or plexiglass or even clear glass structures to create a textured look and feel to the backside of your water wall could be super fun and creative way to explore the concept. It would be an especially refreshing look for warmer climates or for folks who love a winter wonderland.

Multi-Panel Free-Standing Water wall

Water wall
Image credits: Mr_Twister via Canva

For those with more space or a longer length of space to cover, a multi-paneled free-standing water wall might be the right solution. You can find them with frames or without and, in many cases, use as many panels as desired to create the full effect of a large waterfall effect.

Rustic Tin Water wall

Rustic wall background
Image credits: Natasha Breen via Canva

If you love the idea of a water wall but want to use recycled materials, consider finding some old tin or corrugated roofing sheets for your water wall. As long as nobody’s planning to drink from the pool below, the material can be recycled to create the back of the wall. Attach to a frame or an existing wall for best results.