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20 Backyard Waterfall Ideas for Your Garden Pleasure

Waterfalls and water features are more than just pleasing aesthetics for your garden landscaping, they are a peaceful and mind-relaxing addition that brings ambiance to your outdoor living space. Whether in quantities of large or small, trickling water makes your yard look more spacious, and attracts beneficial birds and insects (like butterflies and other pollinators).

Waterscapes most definitely do not need to be large or expensive. If you have the room and want to use the space, there are many ways to fill your area and stay within your budget with a little bit of planning. If you are uncertain about the time and effort required for anything large, consider smaller waterfall features that incorporate running water, but on a scale you can handle.

Backyard Aquarium

Garden waterfalls don’t need to be traditional in nature. Consider mixing it up and having a bit of fun! Most people love to add fish into their ponds for both aesthetic and cleaning purposes. Follow this tutorial for an easy waterfall aquarium.

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Waterwalls are becoming increasingly popular, and are fairly easy to incorporate into existing structures if you don’t feel like becoming an overnight carpenter. A simple pump system and some PVC pipe tucked against an overhead pergola or deck shade are all you need! Add in some decorative rock and an inexpensive plastic bin for collection, and you have a complete feature that is simple to winterize as well.

Reuse, Recycle

A favorite way to stay within budget is to analyze what “junk” can be reused. This shovelhead waterfall feature is an awesome way to reuse your broken and old garden tools and create an original visual for added interest.

Drift Away

Driftwood brings such a cool background to your flowers as a garden bed addition, planter, or waterfall addition. The twists and turns of water-washed wood blends well into a decorative fountain or waterfall design.

Bright Copper

Using metal in your landscaping doesn’t need to bring a modern touch if that isn’t your thing. Rather use touches of metal to add a rustic look, and to brighten dark corners or shady areas. This copper waterwall can be customized to any size you wish. Add a bit of lighting to it for an evening treat as well!

Tiered Privacy

Achieve this look using concrete slabs, large stones, metal sheets, or even wooden fencing. Simply add in a waterfall using multiple pumps and your choice of material to allow directional flow.

Disappearing ‘Deck’adence

Not sure where to add in a waterfall? Use an existing feature and add to it, like using your deck as your waterfall source through a quick boxed addition that houses your pump. Don’t feel like you need a pond – a disappearing pond feature is just as elegant a touch!

Expect the Unexpected

Why create something like everybody else? Take advantage of your existing landscape design to add in the whimsical. In this case tiered galvanized watering cans guide your way into a new area of garden exploration.

Deceptive Depth

Waterfall features can provide a depth to your yard and make it look deceptively larger than what it really is. This is because waterfalls give the impression they are flowing from a source located elsewhere in your landscape, when in fact they generally come from a source directly below it. Adding a waterfall to a pond, no matter what the size, is a choice you can hardly regret.

Hillside Happiness

If you have a hillside on your property, use it. Nothing creates a more natural waterfall than an existing downhill slope that requires very little planning other than laying out the waterproofing needed to keep the water from soaking into the soil.

The First Frontier

What is the first thing people see walking up to your front door? Is that the first impression you want to give? Too many times we focus on our backyard hideaway where we spend the majority of our time and neglect the front of the house. A simple waterfall and pond change that completely and give a welcoming first impression to your visitors.

Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes when we think waterfall, we have in our minds something we can look up at, not down upon. Most of us cannot fathom having anything more than a simple garden waterfall to bring the sound of moving water to our outdoor living areas, but if you can, go big. Stacked rocks and elaborate planning went into this gorgeous design that truly defines the meaning of waterfall.

Light It Up

Big or small, strategically placed lighting brings ambiance and tranquility to your favorite waterscapes. Underwater lighting, solar lighting, and spotlighting are all options to consider when planning out your yard design.


There really is no end to how many designs you can think of concerning your ideal waterfall feature. Small or large, there is no such thing as too small a space to add in the ambiance of a bubbling brook- as seen by this pretty tiered matching pot set.

Fire and Water

I’m not sure if this would be counterproductive to the heating effect of the fireplace, but it sure is a neat effect! Combine your waterfall with the unexpected in a totally different, and unique way. One thing is for certain- it creates a year-round interest that I would love to lounge around at.

Tiered Terracotta

Terracotta pots are popular for patio plantings due to their durability and old-fashioned nostalgia. But they can be repurposed in so many ways, as seen by this miniature waterfall you can place in any garden or patio location. What’s even more convenient: you can simply pick it up or take it apart to winterize with very little hassle involved!

Waterfall Reflection

All too often I notice landscaping sacrificed for the want of a pool or hot tub as if the two cannot exist in harmony with one another. If you are planning an inground pool, consider what it takes to convert your filter system into a waterfall to add additional interest and depth to your yard.

Upcycle for Purpose

Old water pumps are easy to find in antique stores or flea markets, so grab one up the next time you see one. Since they are already built for the passage of water, running your hose through them is a piece of cake, and they make an artistic statement when used in a traditional sense.

Gutter Mania

Using materials in a non-traditional way is my favorite way to put building and housing supplies to use. You see a gutter, I see a trickling stream… water faucet? I see a waterfall feature. Let your imagination take flight and put together a wholly unique and artistic waterfall from the bits and pieces you find at a local hardware store.

Recycled Wheelbarrow

Create a unique, eye-catching touch to your landscape with this wheelbarrow waterfall idea.

Where Will You Begin?

The sound of trickling or babbling water gives a sense of tranquility to your backyard while adding value, aesthetics, and appeal. Get inspired to create your own backyard oasis with these amazing backyard waterfall ideas.

Do you have any favorites you can’t wait to try? Or any of your own tips you’d love to share? Please comment below and let us know where you will begin! And as always, please share!