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8 Creative Ways to Display Your Pothos Plants

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a perennial evergreen with climbing vines, commonly called devils ivy, golden pothos, or even hunter’s rove. As an excellent air-purifying plant, pothos’ functional beauty adorns homes all over the world and is one of the most popular in North America.

Pothos has several cultivars that offer a wide range of variegation in the leaves. From the Golden pothos with yellow-green leaves to the Marble Queen and the streaks of white on moss-green leaves, you are sure to find a favorite in the pothos family.

Displaying these beauties and showing off their glossy green leaves is a big part of the fun of owning your own!

 8 Creative Ways to Display Your Pothos

Displaying pothos plants allows for endless creativity due to the reach of the vines. Check out these top eight display ideas!

Trellis Tree

Plant your pothos into a fun pot and allow it to climb up a trellis. In this unique display, the vine is going up a cone-shaped trellis to give it the look of a tree. What a great way to give height to an otherwise low-laying plant!

Wall Climbing

A great display option for smaller spaces, or to simply show off the beautiful leaves of a pothos, use plant hooks to grow the vines across a blank wall. Create different shapes with the vines and fill up that empty wall space without needing large artwork. Simply use the natural art provided by this plant!

Geometric Wall Trellis

If the hooks along the wall are too simple, try this unique geometric wall trellis. With clean lines and an eye-catching design, this display is another great way to fill an empty wall. The mixture of greenery and metal also provides a great contrasting look.

Doorway Display

Allow the vines of the pothos plant to hang as a divider in a doorframe. The way the light shines through will create a beautiful focal point in any room. Be careful not to do this type of display in a high-traffic area, as damage may occur with too much handling.

Propagation Station

Many varieties of pothos are easily propagated. This is a great experiment with the whole family and creates a unique display. You can choose between a variety of glass jars or vases you have around your home or check out the many propagation stations available for purchase.

Potted Plant Hoop

Do you have a new pothos plant with vines that are still emerging and relatively small? A great way to display these vines is to train them around a metal hoop trellis that you insert right into the pot. Another great way to give height to the vines of this plant.

Hanging off Driftwood

Hang this display above the dinner table or elsewhere in the home, and you have a stunning statement piece.  Simply hang the potted pothos off the driftwood and train the vines to wrap around the wood as well. Consider a long piece of driftwood, an old ladder, or even a unique and gnarly piece of wood to wrap the vines around!

Room Divider

Using a clothing rack or a premade room divider frame, train the vines up and over the top allowing them to hang down the other side. This type of display is mobile, with different location options available within the home based on your preference. A room divider display provides some privacy between two spaces making it a multi-functional art piece.

Pothos Care

As an easy-growing plant, pothos is a great choice for beginner plant enthusiasts! They thrive in high humidity, are fast growers, and will tolerate most conditions, except for too much direct sunlight. Well-draining soil is important for pothos, so be sure to let the soil dry before watering again. Show your pothos some love by misting the leaves as well since this heightens the humidity levels. Pothos can grow in water as well.

The glossy leaves of this plant have a striking appearance and will require a wipe-down if they have become dusty. Expect yellowing leaves that fall off after they’ve reached the end of their lifespan. Leaves will eventually grow more toward the end of the vine, which can reach lengths of up to 40 feet.

Pothos rank as a medium on the toxicity scale and may cause contact dermatitis and other irritations of the mouth if ingested.

Time to Get Creative!

As an evergreen climber, pothos plant displays are endless! Whether you wrap your vines around a unique piece of driftwood and hang it above the table, or you use plant hooks across a bare wall, these vines can make spectacular displays in your home. Choosing your favorite may just be the hardest part!

How creative will you get with your pothos display? Share which display idea is your favorite in the comments below!