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9 Beautiful Ways To Display Your Poinsettia

Holidays are just not the same without poinsettias making an appearance! These plants are popular around this time of year due to the color they provide. Their “blooms” are leaves (bracts) and come in a variety of colors that appear as a reaction to the shorter winter days. Whether you enjoy the deep red, cream, or even pink holiday décor, there is a poinsettia to match!

Poinsettias look great as potted plants but are also stunning as cut flowers. If you want to incorporate poinsettias into your home this season, look at these beautiful ways to display yours!

Outdoor Pot Display

Immediately set the stage for those coming to your home by adding poinsettias in pots by your front door! Whether you choose to have individually potted poinsettias or add cut poinsettias into other greenery-filled pots, a poinsettia display outside is sure to bring color to the cold winter months. Consider adding lights and interchanging different colors to enhance your outdoor pot display.

Poinsettia Garland

Another great outdoor display option is a poinsettia garland. Take individual cut poinsettia flowers and insert them along your existing garland. Next, just hang it around your door, porch, or front windows. Choose a few singular blooms to insert and stand out among the garland or cover the entire length. You and your neighbors will enjoy this one!

Mantle Display

Do you have a mantle to dress up for the holidays? Add cut poinsettias to some live greenery or garland and drape it across the mantlepiece. Or, consider placing individually potted poinsettias on the mantle.

Options for your mantle are endless, as you can change the poinsettia color to match your indoor holiday décor. From snowy garland with cream poinsettias to pink décor and poinsettias, create your perfect mix!

Table Centerpiece

Let your creativity flow and create table centerpieces based around poinsettias. The shape of the poinsettia bloom is the perfect focal point! For this look, place some greenery in a vase or pot, such as flocked evergreen boughs, and another décor if desired. Then, insert a cut poinsettia or two to complete the look.

Other centerpiece ideas featuring poinsettias include low and long spreads across the center of the table, with the poinsettia blooms interspersed across the table. Add in candles or other lights to finish it off. Potted poinsettias also make great table centerpieces, using unique pots, wooden crates, or vases. Decorate as you so desire!

Poinsettia Wreath

Hanging a wreath on front doors, in window frames, or above fireplaces is a classic way to decorate for the holidays. This year, consider adding poinsettias to the mix! Whether adding cut poinsettias to an existing wreath or creating an entire wreath of just poinsettias, you can make it just the way you like it!

Hanging basket

While hanging baskets of flowers are popular all year long, why not change it with some holiday style? Poinsettias work great in hanging baskets, like along pathways outside the house, on porches, in front of windows, and even indoors.

Creative Display

If you have any old heirlooms or vintage pieces that deserve another chance to shine, adorn them with poinsettias and you have yourself a new holiday display! Turn these unique items into holders for your holiday gifts. You can use anything from old skates, antique toboggans, mittens, or grandpa’s old hats. This is a great way to incorporate old with new!

Poinsettia Topiary

Put a fun twist on a potted poinsettia display and take it to the next level. Add some height and creativity by making a topiary full of poinsettia blooms, ribbons, lights, and fun additions like top hats and berries. From minimal to over the top, you can make this your own.

Tabletop Tree

Have fun with this one! Whether you choose classic red or fun pink poinsettias, use those cut flowers to create a mini Christmas tree shape. This poinsettia tree is versatile and can go on tables, near fireplaces, or in entryways. Make this one work perfectly for your home!

Displays For Days!

Decorating for the holidays would not be the same without the beautiful colors of the poinsettia. With so many different and creative ways to display, have fun this holiday season with these nine unique ways to incorporate yours. From outdoor displays like potted poinsettias and poinsettia garlands around the front door to tabletop trees or hanging wreaths. Why choose just one?

Do you have poinsettias in your home this holiday season? Share how you display yours in the comments below!