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The Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill Review

The Weber Traveler Grill is the perfect go-anywhere grill! As an avid outdoor enthusiast, this portable gas grill has changed our weekly routine. Just 15 minutes from a beautiful State Park in Pennsylvania, my family and I frequent the many hiking trails and picnic areas around the lake. Now, instead of packing up our sandwiches and pasta salad for an on-the-go dinner, we pop our Weber Traveler in the back of our Jeep and bring it along. It’s so easy to transport, as its foldable design takes up minimal space and it wheels anywhere. It takes almost no time to set up so we are cooking up burgers, hot dogs, sausages, steaks, potatoes, and veggies in no time!

Weber Traveler portable grill
Image Credits: Tom Reilly / Backyard Boss

Not only was I intrigued by its portable and stowable design, but I was impressed with the high-quality porcelain-coated cast iron grill and grates, easy start-up, and easy clean-up. Then I downloaded the Weber Grills App! My favorite part of any new cooking appliance is a cookbook that applies – Weber Grills App gives that and so much more! 

We are now part of the Weber community and this grill is now part of our family. We look forward to taking in on many camping, tailgating, and outdoor adventures. 

Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill
    Foldable gas grill you can take anywhere. It easily stows away in a compact space and cooks evenly every single time.



Setting Up

Weber Traveler wheel
Image Credits: Tom Reilly / Backyard Boss

This portable grill comes already collapsed with a seriously easy setup. Four simple steps show you how to fasten the wheels which take maybe 3 minutes depending on how long you fight with those pesky hairpin cotter pins. You secure the wheels at the end opposite the temperature control and then you are ready to raise it. 

Slide the red tab to its unlock position. Raise the grill by placing one foot on the foot stand (marked clearly in red) and using one hand to pull up using the side table frame. Once it clicks, it’s locked in place. 

Adding propane tank to Weber Traveler
Image Credits: Tom Reilly / Backyard Boss

Once you add the grease tray, grates, and the liquid propane gas cylinder, you are all set to grill! It’s really that easy. 

Product Features

  • Foldable design – This design has an easy, one-handed setup and a cart release lever that slowly collapses your grill. All you need to do is put one foot on the foot stand, grasp the lever under the side table, and away it goes. While you should guide it down, I was shocked by the little guidance it needed. It locks automatically when completely folded down. Note: You need to remove the gas cylinder before folding.
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates – These heavy-duty grates provide even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface. Cooking food perfectly every time! Note: They are heavy.

    Cooking on Weber Traveler Grill
    Image Credits: Tom Reilly / Backyard Boss
  • BTU – This rating is important when choosing appliances as it measures energy. This Weber grill is 13,000 BTU. While it’s said the rule of thumb is between 75 and 100 BTUs per square inch, Weber says this is a “sweet spot” between the perfect grilling temp and energy efficiency. You can easily attach a 1 lb LP gas tank, or buy an adapter hose to hook up the portable grill to a full-size propane tank. 
  • Cooking area – Its cooking area size is impressive. At 320 square inches, we can cook a full meal for a family of four, even on the one burner! It says it can hold up to 15 burgers or 20 sausages. It all cooks evenly and perfectly thanks to the beautiful porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. When the lid is closed, there are only about 5 inches of space which is all you need for burgers and steaks but wouldn’t be suitable for a full-size chicken.
  • Size– Standing, this grill measures in at 37.2” H x 43.6” W x 23” D. It’s just shy of 50 lbs and luckily has a slow-release collapse keeping it from plummeting to the ground.  

    Cooking on Weber Traveler
    Image Credits: Tom Reilly / Backyard Boss
  • Temperature range – The low to the high-temperature range – up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit –  gives you variety in the types of foods you can cook; sear steaks or make pancakes! This range also allows your food to cook evenly while retaining nutrients. 

Weber Grills App

Upon purchase of a Weber grill, you are invited to download the App and register your grill. I was expecting installation, guides, warranty docs, etc. But, to my surprise, I found recipes upon recipes, “Grill Skills” and all kinds of grill guides and methods, ready to make you a master grill chef! 

The App even has its own timer, so you are just destined to have perfectly grilled food.

The recipes section gives you step-by-step videos and you can find recipes for burgers, chicken, seafood, and more. There is something for every meal! Yes, even breakfast and believe it or not, dessert! There are so many ideas to choose from that it will be a very long time before you repeat a meal (only if it’s SO good that you just have to have it again). The instructions are very easy to follow and it links you to other useful resources such as their Grilling Guide and accessories needed, such as skewers, grilling tool sets, etc.

The Grilling Guide includes all kinds of beef, steak, poultry, roasts, etc., and guides you to perfectly grilled food. You choose how thick your cut is and how you like it cooked. It then provides you with grilling time and temperature. The App even has its own timer, so you are just destined to have perfectly grilled food.

What I Like

Weber Traveler Grill
Image Credits: Tom Reilly / Backyard Boss

I really do love this grill and I’m a fan of almost all of its’ features. I love being able to easily stow it and grill on our outings. Its no-fuss setup and simple operation had us grilling in no time. Being able to make a range of food is another benefit of this low to high range temperature grill. And, if you haven’t realized yet, I love the App full of recipes and guides. 

Most importantly, it cooks perfectly every single time!

It has heavy-duty plastic wheels that are extremely durable; they’ve proven tough through grass, gravel, and mud. The kickstand is also handy when I need to stop suddenly to wrangle my children. One of my favorite features is its slow release collapse. My first attempt, I expected the weight of it to pull it down but was surprised that I could just let go and it collapses and locks automatically. Very cool! 

Most importantly, it cooks perfectly every single time! The size of the grilling area is great; we have no trouble grilling a full meal for a family of four, even with it only having one burner and it can certainly handle more.

Lastly, clean-up is easy! We use disposable grease catcher trays and a stainless steel bristle grill brush. Remove the grease tray, brush the grates, wipe out the inside. All done! 

 What I Don’t Like

clip on Weber Traveler
Image Credits: Tom Reilly / Backyard Boss

I now remove the grates during transport. Not ideal, but better than the alternative.

I only have one complaint. That latch that secures the lid during transport frequently comes undone. I learned the hard way and out came crashing the beautiful porcelain-coated cast iron grates. Luckily, I was in the grass so there was no damage but if that happened on concrete, there would be. I now remove the grates during transport. Not ideal, but better than the alternative. 

Other customers have mentioned that it was heavier or bigger than they expected. While I feel it is pretty compact and portable, I don’t disagree that I’ve struggled to lift it into the car. Side note – now that we take the grates out (because they fall out if the latch comes undone), it does lighten the load a bit.

    The Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill

Weber portable grill
    Introducing your new outdoor companion - the Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill with a compact, foldable design. Your answer to juicy burgers and perfectly seared steaks on every outdoor adventure.


Weber Traveler Portable grill
Image Credits: Tom Reilly / Backyard Boss

Would I recommend this grill? Absolutely! The Weber Traveler is the perfect grill for camping, tailgating, or even small backyard or patio spaces. 

A great grill for your next adventure

The combination of its BTU rating, temperature range, large cooking surface, and cast iron cooking grates allows this beauty to cook perfectly and evenly for a group of people.  It has an easy clean-up and its portable design allows it to be stored without taking up too much space. The fact that the latch comes undone frequently is certainly a hindrance but it isn’t something that would deter me from buying this grill.  

Do you have a Weber Traveler grill that you love? Share your experiences in the comments below and as always, like and share our review.