Westinghouse Solar Lights Review

Westinghouse Solar Lights Review

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Westinghouse Solar Path Lights

Westinghouse Solar Lights

Westinghouse Solar Light Options provide a wide variety of choices for your home lighting needs. Everything from decorative lighting, spotlights, and security solar solutions are offered for you to choose from.

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When you need a dependable, easy to install, outdoor lighting solution solar options should be on the top of your list to consider. This is especially true if you have a large yard or far-reaching areas that require illumination. Solar lights simply require a sunny area to charge and are surprisingly bright for both nighttime ambiance and security purposes.

These Westinghouse Solar Light Reviews highlight the many options provided by the company for any space you need to brighten up. Everything from landscape and functional, to security and commercial light choices are available for you to consider for your space.

About the Westinghouse Company

Westinghouse logo in black background.

Westinghouse has long been a name recognized in relation to electrical solutions. Founded in the late 1800’s, it quickly rose from a household supplier of various products to a manufacturer of major military and commercial offerings. By the late 1990’s it had moved almost exclusively into television and broadcast radio. The name lives on, however, as a subsidiary of the parent company Brookfield Business Partners.

Pros Cons
  • Great variety of choices.
  • Long lasting, strong illumination.
  • Good choice of styles for any decor.
  • May not last as long as advertised if not placed in sun all day.
  • Batteries may need replacing.

Company Lighting Claims, Benefits, and FAQ’s

Thin-like silicon mesh solar panel on a sunset background.

Westinghouse Solar lighting converts sunlight into electricity through the use of various solar panel types to provide you the options and choices you need for your outdoor lighting needs. They use three various solar panel technologies to provide you choices. These include a monocrystalline silicon for high output, space-saving, and long-lasting performance; polycrystalline silicon that is not as efficient as monocrystalline, but is more affordable due to a lower production cost; and thin-film silicon technology that provides a shorter lifespan, but is an affordable product that is flexible and lightweight for a variety of uses.


Cropped view of energy - efficient Led bulb.

The company uses long lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs to provide you high lumen output with a dependable life span. Because they are charged by the sun, they also are not dependent on a home energy source, which saves on your electrical bill over time.

This wireless freedom also allows you to place them just about anywhere on your property that receives enough daylight to charge them. Lights will perform better if they can receive a full 6 to 8 hours of direct sun, but will charge off the indirect UV rays as well to provide a shorter illumination time.

Many options also come with security features, such as motion detection to help illuminate those dark corners of your yard, or help brighten areas of high traffic for safety purposes.


Not everyone is aware of the uses of solar lighting and the benefits it may provide, which often raises questions pertaining if they are any good for a specific landscape. The following FAQ is those which the company regularly answers to help you determine if these are a good choice for you.

Where is the best place to display my outdoor solar lights?

Small Solar Garden Light, Lanterns In Flower Bed. Garden Design. Solar Powered Lamp

Solar lights, as mentioned, need to be placed for the majority of the day in full sunlight to fully charge. They may work for a period when less light is provided, but the light may be dim, weak, or shortened. It also needs to be away from bright lighting at night that may trigger the sensor to turn off.

How long will solar lights run?

With a full charge, Westinghouse lights may stay illuminated for up to 15 hours. Average times last between 10-12 hours.

What affects outdoor solar lights run time?

The weather and seasonal changes in sun intensity may change the length of your light run time. Summer months have a tendency to provide a better charge, while clear weather is ideal as well for year-round use. Keep the panels clear of snow in the winter, and be aware a cloudy day may limit the charge as well.

What are the advantages of outdoor solar lights?

a solar-powered garden lamp

Solar lights are incredibly easy to install and stake into the ground or simply require a screwdriver. You also can place them just about anywhere you want.

How do I install Outdoor Solar Lights?

With no power source, digging or wiring needed, installation couldn’t be easier. All you truly need is a screwdriver and a place to set your light is needed IF a tool is needed at all. Other lights can be easily stacked into the ground.

My outdoor solar light was charged all day, but doesn’t come on at night. What is wrong?

All lights are equipped with an on/off switch. Make sure it is in the on position and a bright light is not triggering the light to stay off. Also, battery life is approximately 2 years after which they may no longer hold a charge for very long. You can replace the batteries to refresh your lights if you feel they are starting to extend past their life.

What Solar Options the Company Offers

Westinghouse Solar Flat In-Ground Driveway Light put above white stones

Westinghouse provides a good choice of solar options from which you can choose for a variety of needs. Everything from pathway lighting, spotlights, security, and decorative touches are offered.

Solar Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting not only increases the curbside appeal, it is a great way to add to your property’s overall worth. Installing wired lighting can be quite an expensive undertaking, especially if you have to run electrical to out of the way areas. Solar provides you the opportunity to place lighting wherever you need it without the added cost of installation. Plus you don’t have to pay for an electrical bill.

Solar Path Lights

Two solar path lights installed on green lawn, beside a bricks pathways.

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A wide variety of lighting styles are offered by the company to fit your decorative outdoor needs. Everything from ground stakes to illuminate pathways, to hanging lanterns and lights disguised as rocks are available for you to choose from. Click here for a wider selection.

Solar Spotlights

Cropped view of two solar spotlights beside pathway.

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The spotlights provided are made to stake easily into the ground whenever you feel you need to cast light upon your home or landscape design. The stake can be removed in order for you to place them along a vertical surface as well.

The solar panels are adjustable so you can set them to catch as much sunlight as possible. They also have changing LED color options.

Solar Functional Lighting

Functional lighting falls into the category of lighting options designed for the replacement of many electrical lighting placements. These include post or wall lights, as well as decorative lights- such as for the holidays. Solar choices help you cut down on electrical bills at certain times of the year, and are reliable alternatives.

Solar Post Lighting

Solar post light standing beside a green bush outside lobby of the house.

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Post lights can be very expensive to electrify and often are limited in their placement de to this. When you choose a solar light you open up the ability to place them where you have been unable to before due to budget restrictions, or the impossibility of running in-ground electricity far from an outlet.

Solar Wall Lighting

Solar Wall Light attach on a wall near a staircase

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The solar wall lighting options provided by Westinghouse are all motion-activated and attach easily to vertical wall mounts, decking rails, stairwells, or anyplace else you need to provide nighttime illumination.

Solar Security Lighting

Outside of providing landscape lighting, another good reason to invest in solar is their affordability when it comes to security light solutions. Westinghouse offers a selection of floodlight and wall packs to help keep your dark spaces light up bright whenever they sense movement.

Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Lights tap outside upper house wall.

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Solar flood lights are long-lasting and have a variety of sizes and features to choose from for any size space. Large solar panels can be mounted in areas more conducive to charging while you place your light where it needs to be due to the length of connecting wire they come with. Each comes with motion activation sensors and the ability to adjust the length of time they stay on.

Solar Wall Packs

100 Lumen Solar Motion-Activated Lights (4 Pack)

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Solar wall packs can either be used as wall lighting or linked together to create a chain of motion-detecting illumination. These options are ideal for when you need to cover a length of space for security reasons.


Lights are offered as single and multi-packs depending on the product, and all fall within an average range of cost when compared to similar brand names. Depending on the brightness of the light, size, and use, you will find your choice generally ranging between $5 and $34 dollars, with path lighting in the cheaper range, and large security spotlights coming out on the higher end of cost.

Warranty and Returns

Depending on where you purchase your lights from you may have between 30 and 60 days to return, replace, or exchange your item. Always ask for the policy provided by the store, both online or in house, at purchase. And keep your receipt!

Consumer Reviews

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It never fails when searching for solar light reviews to have a mixed bag of comments pertaining to various products. Solar lights, in general, are popular items with quality, more expensive choices often lasting longer than those that are designed for temporary use. In reference to Westinghouse, these observations stand true, with the majority of consumers providing positive feedback with their experiences. The variety of choices, brightness, and ease of placement are all commented on, as is how easy the batteries are to change out for further longevity.

Many issues that arise with negative feedback surround a misunderstanding of how solar lights charge, the fact that they generally have an on/off switch, and that batteries do need to be replaced. Most complaints state they are not working without having replaced batteries or problems solved in other manners.

Our Impressions

Overall these solar lights have been worth the review due to their dependability and options for both landscape improvement and security. The Westinghouse name has long-standing dependability, and their affordability of products makes them fit into a price point for a wide variety of households. Because they are offered for sale from various sources, we do suggest shopping around to find the best deal on both single and multi-package choices.


Westinghouse Solar Security Lights Outdoor installed above a garage.

When on the hunt for quality solar options, Westinghouse is worth considering. Everything from pathway lighting, post, and security are all available for simple and easy installment solutions. A wide price point to choose from and a strong selection of various products make this an excellent choice.

If you have ever used a Westinghouse solar product we would love to hear of your experiences below. The same follows if you have any questions: please let us know so we can find an answer! As always, please share!

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