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What North Facing House Means in Feng Shui

The entire idea behind “Feng Shui” relies on your personal relationship with your home, as well as any other spaces you tend to inhabit. Followers of a Feng Shui lifestyle practice with an energy flow called “Qi” by making adjustments around these spaces. They believe it will help foster healthy energy full of prosperity and a higher sense of self.

So, while moving furniture around the home or incorporating different plants, shapes, and angles will add to the overall Feng Shui, finding your house’s North facing direction will also play a critical role in enhancing your Feng Shui environment. 

While it may be trendy to incorporate ethereal elements into your lives, it works even better when you fully understand the concepts and acknowledge that these things are more of a practice than they are decorative concepts. And two, you are the interior mastermind. If you rely solely on the energy part, you may be doing yourself a disservice in regards to the design part. 

It is important to find a delicate balance between purpose and aesthetic, especially since you will be the one experiencing it the most!

How To Locate Your House’s North Face Direction

Simply put, the easiest way to locate your house’s North facing direction is to stand in the middle of your home with your face looking out and use a compass to determine the direction you are looking in. In Feng Shui, there is a special compass attributed to the practice called a “Luo pan” a standard iPhone compass or any other handheld version will suffice as well.

However, if you are new to the Feng Shui practice or are unfamiliar with this concept in general, it never hurts to consult a trained practitioner of Feng Shui as there are a lot of intricate parts that the beginner is completely unaware of. Once you have found the North direction, it will be time to incorporate the proper elements to invoke the Feng Shui energies and start your journey towards feelings of happiness and peace.

The Importance of A North Facing House Mean in Feng Shui

mystic Feng Shui table
Image credits: unknown Tibetan artist via Wikipedia Commons

The tool you can use to create and maintain the Feng Shui in your home is called “Bagua”. The Bagua is a mandala separated into eight individual parts that create the whole and radiate light from the center. Each separation of the Bagua is an interpretation of a different aspect of life, such as career, partnership, and wealth.

While that is just a quick summary of the Bagua, it is important to note that many intimate intricacies revolve around each section of the Bagua and can bring you a great understanding of life if you decide to learn more about it. Wisdom and enlightenment are said to be obtained by embarking on spiritual practices. So it is crucial to understand how deep the Feng Shui tradition goes to unlock and experience its greatness.

To be fair, when you are mentioning Feng Shui, you must note that each cardinal direction will give you a different representation of its truth. A North-facing home may be perfect for those who are looking for the “Kan” energy, which is great for prosperity or financial freedom. In comparison to the South facing home, which invokes the “Li” energy, which is more focused on notoriety and recognition.

The more you dive into Feng Shui, the more you can understand the depths of its purpose. Feng Shui masters have developed a way of life that fits cohesively with Feng Shui energy. It is best to consult with one when looking to understand your North-facing house, especially if you are looking for complete life changes and fulfillment from knowledge and understanding.

How to Activate the Energy of a North Facing Home

One of the components to activating and utilizing the power within your North-facing home will be to enhance the metal and/or water elements within your living space. The North direction is said to be connected to the water element, so the closest you can get to a purified and well-circulated version inside your home, the more energy can be released into your life. Adding water is a supportive method to extract truth in Feng Shui.

Within the five-element cycle, each element is directly connected and somewhat responsible for each other, and one of the best connections within that cycle is metal and water. One amazing way to bring in water and metal elements is simply by embracing the colors associated with them. You might think that the color blue would be directly associated with water, right?

But in fact, black and dark charcoal gray is more in line with the water element. Regarding the metal aspect, colors like copper and bronze would be great to intertwine with the darker watercolors. You can also bring in an indoor water feature that will add a calming sound to the aesthetic as well. Remember, everything should seamlessly come together. So bringing in these elements also means you need to keep your interior design mind handy, too.

In Summary

Bringing a Feng Shui design concept into your home is a great way to invite peace, calm, and joy into your personal space. The art of Feng Shui has been alive and well for centuries and will continue to wait dormant until the next person discovers its essence. When we come home from a long day of work or are simply trying to relax, our homes must give us the energy we need to thrive.

We rely so much on the five senses that are readily available to us that we have a hard time understanding anything outside of them. But rest assured, there are plenty of things around us that we can only experience once we put ourselves into alignment with the universe. So yes, Feng Shui is a great way to invite positive energies into your home and can double as a design concept as well.

But if you truly want to harness the power behind these mystical traditions, it is up to you to walk the path that will get you to your desired result. The best part about Feng Shui is that it is unjudging and will not beg you to operate upon its frequency. But once you have brought yourself to terms with how Feng Shui can be invoked and utilized, you will then come to an understanding that Feng Shui is but one single aspect in a sea of millions.

So enjoy your time bringing in the power of Feng Shui into your home, and we hope that this concept is either the fuel or the fire to connecting within.