34 Best Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas
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34 of the Best Vintage Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas

Whether you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding or simply just want to spruce up the backyard, adding some vintage flair to the space is always a classic idea. Using something as simple as an old repurposed wheelbarrow could add so much character to your garden, patio area or yard!

There’s just something too darn cute about a cool tool repurposed and filled with plants and flowers. It’s a fresh and easy decorative idea that doubles as a fantastic planter. What’s even better is the odds of you having an old one around your house should be pretty high. If not, a friend or neighbor probably has one you can easily utilize.
We have some great wheelbarrow planter ideas in this list using them as the best vintage outdoor focal piece you could ever imagine! Be ready to spruce up your garden because the following ideas are truly inspiring!



This wheelbarrow is full to the brim with gorgeous, botanical flowers which is a great alternative to planting them in the ground. Not to take away from the natural beauty of all this fresh foliage, the wheelbarrow is simple and rustic. Leaving the wood on the wheelbarrow in its natural state gives the space that homey feel without distracting from the plants. This would be the perfect addition to a corner garden or small yard space.

These vivid pansies look great in these plastic pots atop this great cart. The wheelbarrow is vintage and elegant looking, while the pots add a modern flair to the décor. The front wheel to the cart is no doubt the focal piece since it’s whimsical and delicate. This would make a great centerpiece to any modern garden that wants to keep that vintage flair intact.


Utilizing a cool planter with a colorful flower gives the planter a pop of color as decoration. In this case, the wooden wheelbarrow is filled with beautiful purple petunias that accent the gray finish of the tool perfectly. The shale stones the wheelbarrow design is set upon give a nice cooler undertone that accents the green and purple of the plant without taking anything away from the natural colors. This setup would look absolutely gorgeous in a front entrance or courtyard space.



Pick other fun wooden planters to help accentuate your unique planter for an interesting garden scene your guests will love! This cute goose peers out of the garden with a cute little hat that adds so much character and friendliness to the space. A shallow type of planter holds bursts of colorful blooms that contrast beautifully with the flowers inside the goose wooden outdoor planter.



This model is more of a garden cart, given its larger size. Really, the bigger the better in this case because the larger the wheelbarrow or cart basin, the more flowers you can fill it with. This large, rustic garden cart is full of interesting plants with pots of all shapes and sizes. The possibilities are really endless when using a cart of this size. You can even fill it with various herbs to create an interesting herb garden to your outdoor space.



This is a super cute idea for an outdoor café theme. Pair this beautiful and awesome planter with a few quaint outdoor patio tables and chairs, and you have a scene straight out of a French marketplace. Dainty flowers with vibrant colors peering out of this black model will make all your guests feel at home. This would be the perfect setup for an early morning cup of coffee with friends or sipping your favorite adult beverage for a nightcap.



This gorgeous flower cart was made from an old wooden wheelbarrow. It’s easy to fix up any old tool like this with a little paint or wood stain. In this case, the decorative floral embellishments give this cart a beautiful facelift. The flowers on the cart look hand painted so you could easily decorate this cart in any style you like. This planter would look great in the corner of a garden or even in a front doorway entrance if you have the space.



Make an area feel super rustic by introducing a wheelbarrow theme. Not only can you use a smaller model, like the one depicted in this picture, but adding something as simple as a few decorative art pieces and a large wagon wheel can make the whole space feel artsy. The flowers, art pieces and colors can be totally customizable depending on the theme you’re going for.



This beautiful refinished model has been custom made into a fabulous tapered flower cart by using uniform tulips. The blooms stand tall and proud from their classically restored home, creating a focal piece perfect for any backyard space. The varying colors between the yellow, pink and red of the tulips make a perfect flower bed for the color of this wood.



Give your garden space a lustrous pop of color by painting your wheelbarrow planter. Whether your favorite color is blue, yellow or fuchsia, you can add your own personal flair to your garden by finishing your wheelbarrow planter with great paint. You can fill your painted tool planter with herbs, plants or blooms depending on what you need the cart for.



Make the most of your deck or patio space by adding the perfect planter. Size, color and even material are completely customizable when furnishing your deck or patio space. Whether you want to paint your basin or not, the planter will add so much character to the space and be a perfect focal piece to any theme. Add your favorite smelling flowers for an even more pleasant experience.



Embellish your outdoor garden space by using a barrow or flower cart. Sticking to the theme, you could fill your wheelbarrow and cart with complementing plants or flowers. You’d need a larger outdoor space to utilize both the cart and wheelbarrow, but the space would certainly liven up the entire backyard area. Fill the cart with your favorite plants to give the space an added comfortable feeling.



This great model is wonderfully vintage with its decorative wheels and sun washed wood natural finish. The wheels look like something out of a fairy tale with their cute flower centers. Make your space as whimsical or as rustic as you’d like by taking these seemingly small details into account. Even the smallest detail can add so much character to your garden.



This simple yet elegant patio cart is like a small wheelbarrow with a big personality. The longer, sleeker design compared to the old traditional tool gives this planter a more sophisticated look while holding your favorite flowers. Left to its own rustic austere, this wheeled flower cart would be the perfect addition to even the smallest patio spaces.



Keep your garden space simple with this classic wagon garden planter. The large wheels on this wheelbarrow give this planter a more rustic and vintage feel, as if this particular model was carting along Victorian gardens moving bulbs and flowers across a seaside garden. The rust on the wheels give this wagon planter an old fashioned feel, just be sure to finish the wheels with a varnish or protective sealant to keep them from crumbling.



Keep up with a rustic theme by utilizing an already existing barn or shed. These classic types are the perfect fit against a rustic background and could easily be made incredibly elegant for a rustic outdoor wedding. A scene like this would make the perfect backdrop for photos. The metal banned barrels with flowers peeking out of them add character and the perfect amount of color for any occasion.



I just love the vividness of the purple and pink flowers blended together! These colors would be perfect for a spring or summer garden. Through the green, healthy foliage, these flowers could brighten up any outdoor garden space. Even if you don’t have a lot of decorative embellishments, this great planter with simple, cute flowers is really all the décor you need to create a great focal point.



This simple wagon has easily turned into a cute flower pot stand complete with gorgeous blooms. The tin or metal pot holding the flowering plant adds a great variation in potted plant décor you’d typically find in most gardens. Not only does this look great and rustic, the wagon lifts the planter adding interesting depth to the outdoor space.



These vivid pansies look great in these plastic pots atop this great cart. The wheelbarrow is vintage and elegant looking, while the pots add a modern flair to the décor. The front wheel to the cart is no doubt the focal piece since it’s whimsical and delicate. This would make a great centerpiece to any modern garden that wants to keep that vintage flair intact.



Add some texture to your backyard décor with these great wicker pots! As if your wheelbarrow planter wasn’t interesting enough, these pots would be the perfect addition to any tool cart or planter. Fill the pots with lush herbs or deeply colored flowers and see your backyard or patio area all come together beautifully. Just because it’s rustic doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant, too.



This wheelbarrow planter is interesting because the basin is circular rather than squared. The deep, circular barrel would be perfect for adding your favorite flowering bushes or mini trees. Since you don’t find circular wheelbarrows often, the planter alone would bring interesting character to your yard and no doubt be the center of attention at your next garden cocktail party.



This gorgeous model is made from barrels finished with a deep wood stain. The black from the rings around the barrel offer great color complexity as the brightly colored flowers pop out the tops of the planters. The wooden wheels are also a great addition to this wheelbarrow since they are the exact same color as the body of the planter. This planter definitely looks more chic than vintage, but would be perfect in a vintage themed party or wedding.




Keep that old country look intact by using the old tool to your advantage! The more beat up, the better! Filling an antique wheelbarrow with plants or flowers will definitely keep that country chic vibe. Even a wheelbarrow that has some rust, or in this case, a flat tire will add to that rustic look of an old country farm house. Anything can be spruced up with bright flowers!



Rust on this one is evidence that things only get better with age. At least when it comes to utilizing an old garden tool as the perfect outdoor planter. Instead of an old, rusted cart, visitors will see an incredibly unique and beautiful way to be resourceful. Why add this perfectly fine barrow into a garbage fill when it can be used as a great outdoor planter? Your guests will be impressed and your yard will look incredible.



This wheelbarrow has been around for quite some time, but with this great new paint job facelift, who can tell? If keeping the tool’s natural rust isn’t your thing, you could easily repurpose the basin by scraping away the rusted bits and adding a fresh new coat of paint. You can easily match any outdoor color theme and create something entirely new out of something old.



Pumpkins and gourds can be found everywhere during autumn. Create a gorgeous outdoor autumn themed garden by filling an old wheelbarrow with them! Add some decorative leaves in red, orange and yellow, or even some straw, and you have a scene that your neighbors will probably want to take pictures in. Add a few pumpkins here and there, and you could basically start charging for photos!



This old, rusted over model explodes with color as fresh blooms sprout out the top of the basin. You won’t even need a new paint job for this great planter idea, since the flowers provide enough color for even the dreariest of days. Keeping the wheelbarrow in its natural state only adds to the charm of the planter and will give your outdoor space a vintage country feel.



This rusted wheelbarrow holds an interesting world of succulents and other plants in its basin. You can get as creative as you’d like when it comes to utilizing an old wheelbarrow into a planter. Create custom mini landscapes or themes by choosing the appropriate plants and colors for an interesting outdoor focal point. What’s even better is that you won’t have to spend money on an expensive planter!




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Here is a great DIY on how to create your own fairy garden in an upcycled tool. This project would be perfect for kids, or anyone who loves the wonder of fairy gardens! Add tiny flowering plants, a few painted houses, some decorative rocks and add a splash of paint, and you have an amazing little fairy world right in your own backyard!


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Create an enchanting fairy world inside an old wheelbarrow! This idea comes complete with a mini picket fence and a pasture for pigs. Get as creative as you want by adding as much detail as you wish. You could even utilize several wheelbarrows to create a variety of worlds or homes for all the fairies that will be visiting your garden. You might want to have some tiny tea cakes ready for your new neighbors.



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This project is so great because it all centers on a fantastic house for your fairies. Again, this is the kind of project that would be perfect for kids and using a wheelbarrow to keep it all together is a fantastic idea. Instead of setting up your own fairy realm in a garden area or space, put it all together in an old wheelbarrow so it can be easily moved.



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Here is another great example of the possibilities to keep in mind when creating a fairy garden in an old wheelbarrow. This one seems more suitable for gnomes to me. I can just picture tiny gnomes coming out of their little cottage ready to work in their own garden. It’s an adorable hobby and anyone visiting your outdoor area will no doubt be enchanted by it.




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Keep your patio or garden space urban by creating your own wheelbarrow bench. Adhering to the traditional wheelbarrow make, this bench features adorable handles and a wheel at the end to resemble an actual wheelbarrow. Not only is this a unique, fun idea, but if you ever need to move the bench, it’s as easy as lifting and wheeling away!



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Turn a regular garden bench into a great decorative piece by transforming it into an adorable wheelbarrow bench. All you need is an old bench, some paint, some extra wood, some handles and a wheel. You could even use these items off of an old wheelbarrow you have laying around collecting dust. Set this up around your garden area for a country feel that your guests will absolutely love.



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Here are a few great ideas for adding a classic or more modern wheelbarrow bench into your garden theme. Get as rustic as you’d like by using pieces from various styles of wheelbarrow. The turn of the century wheelbarrow definitely keeps that antique effect while the modern wheelbarrow bench adds a fresh new concept to the space. These are definitely some great ideas to spruce up your garden!


Overall, you can’t go wrong by turning an old wheelbarrow into something great! Whether you want to utilize your wheelbarrow as a planter, fairy garden or bench, the possibilities really are endless. All these hobbies would be great to do with kids, especially since summer is just around the corner! Even if you don’t have kids, these projects are great to upcycle something old and create a truly interesting garden or patio area. Hopefully some of these ideas will stir up some inspiration so you can make your own garden area a unique work of art. If you do try any of these out, be sure to take plenty of pictures so you can show your project off! Happy crafting!

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