Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas: 9 Ways to Get Organized
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Wheelbarrow Storage: 9 Ways to Get Organized

Chances are you have a wheelbarrow around to help with yard and garden work. If you don’t, you really should look at the list of our favorite wheelbarrows. After all they are worth their weight in gold for gardening and other outdoor projects (like taking on your own DIY compost), but when you aren’t using them where should they go? I’m horrible about storing them as they should and often leaving them pushed up against the garage until I need to use it again.

This really isn’t the best choice of storage since it can lead to tray damage. Metal trays can gather water and begin to rust, and plastic trays can become dried out, brittle, or even gather water and crack in freezing weather. In my case it really is time to take matters into my own hands unless I want yet another yard and garden expense on my hands. Responsible ownership truly isn’t a daunting task, as the following wheelbarrow storage ideas show:


Be sure to take into account the type of wheelbarrow you have and the measurements before attempting to use any of the following suggestions. Different sized trays, materials used, and shape may influence the choice you make.


Crawford CMWBH-6 Wheelbarrow Hanger

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This is a great, lightweight mounting choice that can easily hold up to 35 lbs and frees up floor space in your storage shed or garage. It also works well with multiple tray sizes, although you will have to take into account your wheelbarrow weight.

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Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Rail

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A rail system along your storage wall can serve many purposes, especially when you include a hook system for your gardening supplies, such as a wheelbarrow. This particular rail can hold up to 1,750 lbs, but you’ll need to choose the best hooking system for your specific needs, and those hooks may have varying weight limits.


A few wooden cleats and the hardware to mount is all you need to make an inexpensive and sturdy mount for your storage wall. As this video shows your wheelbarrow can be well out of the way in a relatively short amount of time. Just make sure you take measurements before committing to the build!


Use of plumbing hooks

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This innovative idea uses plumbing hooks to get your wheelbarrow up off the floor and stored against the wall. It’s a quick and easy solution to free up storage space and is perfect for more lightweight wheelbarrows. For anything larger or heavier, similar ideas can be used with other hardware choices.


Racor PSM-1R Pro Stor Multi-Use Storage Bracket

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This multi-purpose bracket can be used for much more than your wheelbarrow, but is an easy way to get it up off the ground simply by using your handles as the bracing it needs to stay sturdy. Inexpensive and quick to mount, this is probably the easiest and fasted solution I’ve seen yet!


Even when your wheelbarrow is mounted along a wall, it does take up a bit of space you might find is better reserved for other items. This idea takes your wheelbarrow up and utilizes the much overlooked ceiling space that serves well for hanging and storing large items. This particular design allows for floor access through a pulley system so you don’t have to break out the ladder every time you need your wheelbarrow.


Keep your wheelbarrow next to the fence

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This is right up my alley since I’m not keen on taking up storage space in my garage. A few short 2×4’s, screws, and some clothes line is all you need to get your wheelbarrow up off the ground and stored along a fence or outside garage wall to create your own holder. This is especially handy to keep from having to move the wheelbarrow every time you need access to the area.

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LeHigh Crawford Wheelbarrow Holder #WBH-6

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This simple system requires you to mount a few small pieces of hardware, but is effective in getting a wheelbarrow of varying shape and weight up against the wall for storage. The double spring loaded support system that hold from both the top and bottom better distributes weight and makes it a little more durable than other similar ideas.


Tip your wheelbarrow up

Honestly, if you aren’t too keen on taking the time to create a storage area, or aren’t handy with power tools, then you can always take the easy route for basic wheelbarrow protection. Tipping your wheelbarrow up ensures that the tray is kept free from moisture accumulation which is the number one killer of wheelbarrow durability.


If you’ve been looking for a way to free up some space and store your wheelbarrow in a way that keeps it protected and available, hopefully you won’t have to look any further. Just make sure to take your particular model into account to determine best fit and weight bearing loads before committing to any one idea!

Do you have any innovative wheelbarrow storage ideas you’d like to comment on, or questions about the list provided? If so we’d love to hear them! If you’ve been looking for a great way to store your wheelbarrow then please share!

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