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Where Can You Rent a Log Splitter?

If you split wood on a regular basis, having a log splitter is a really good investment in the long run. It will save you a lot of money owning one of these. However, those of you that have to split the occasional log will find it too expensive to actually spend hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars for one of these.

Since renting tools is now a thing of the present, people that need the occasional drill to make home renovation don’t actually have to buy a new one. It’s the same with log splitters, so we wanted to show you some website where you can rent instead of buy.

Home Depot

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The Home Depot doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to renting equipment, and here’s a wood splitter that will prove it. Their model is powered by a Subaru EX27 engine, with a cycle time of 14 seconds. If you actually plan on renting it, you are required to specify your location in order to retrieve information about stores nearby, as well as their effective cost offers.

Rental HQ

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Rental HQ is another directory-based website that pairs rental companies with people who are looking to rent a log splitter. In order to find a location in your proximity, you will have to specify the type of equipment you want (in this case, a wood splitter), as well as input your location and then select it from an available dropdown.

Sunbelt Rentals

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Sunbelt Rentals offer a 26-ton log splitter that can cut through logs in just 14 seconds. It has all the features you’d want in a heavy-duty splitter, such as steel fenders and an E-Z lift hinge. It is powered by a 270cc Honda GX engine, and weighs about 700 lbs.

Herc Rentals

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Herc Rental is another website designated to rent equipment for people who don’t want to invest in a wood splitter. The model they offer features a Baretto two-handed control system, powered by 8.7 hp gasoline. For an accurate price quote, you will have to enter your zip code.

United Rentals

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Those of you interested in renting a hydraulic wood splitter fueled by gas, you can check out the United Rentals website for an offer. The website allows you to input the exact period when you want to rent the equipment, but the rates vary depending on your location.

A Tool Shed

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A Tool Shed offers a 20-ton splitter that you can rent for hours, days, weeks, or months, depending on how long you intend to use it. Prices start off at $30 for a single hour, and go all the way up to $1,050 for a full month. The equipment available is powered by a Honda 8.7hp GX270 engine, and has a cycle time of 20 seconds.

Koopman Lumber

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Koopman Lumber offers information about three different wood splitter models that are available for rent: the Cub Cadet LS25, Cub Cadet LS27, and Oregon 22-Ton. Each of them is a sturdy machine that will help you with all your wood splitting needs, whether it’s for firewood or renovation purposes. The website works like a directory, offering contact information for the companies that actually rent the equipment.


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SimpleX offers different equipment and tools for renting, and amongst their offer you can also find a 24-inch gasoline-powered horizontal and vertical wood splitter. Sadly, the website doesn’t offer too many details about the pricing and rental periods available for this splitter.

Rent Equip

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Our next candidate comes from Rent Equip, and it’s a 700 lbs. wood splitter that’s powered by a 270cc Honda GX engine. While the rental rate is $99, the product page fails to specific for how long you’ll be renting this machine (judging by the price, you should have it for an entire day).

Handy Rents

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One more log splitter for the road? Handy Rents offers another fierce splitter, which start off at a price of $64 for four hours and goes all the way up to $834 for those who want it for an entire month. Some of the features of this wood splitter include a 270cc Honda GX engine, heavy-duty steel fenders, and a cycle time of 12 seconds.

Battlefield Equipment

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Battlefield Equipment is a Canadian-based website that serves different regions of the country, offering wood splitter rental services. You have access to a directory that requires selecting your location in order to show you where you can rent a splitter in your area. The fees will vary depending on the length of the loan period, which can be daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis. The flexibility in rental times will allow you to cut large amounts of wood without worry.

Rental Village

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Rental Village also provides a convenient offer for those who are interested in using a wood splitter for a limited time period. Prices start off at $45 which is the fee charged per four hours of use, but can go as high as $1,080 for a full month’s rental.

Complete Rent-Alls Orillia

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Complete Rent-Alls Orillia offers a 20-ton log splitter that you can rent for four hours, daily, or weekly, depending on how long you’ll need it. Prices vary according to the chosen period, as follows: those who need a log splitter for four hours will have to pay $45, those who want one for the entire day will pay $60, and those who would benefit from a splitter throughout the entire weekend will end up paying $90.


People that have split logs on a regular basis should purchase a log splitter of their own. However, if you only need one for a limited amount of time, renting it is a much better idea in terms of how much money you can save. Have you ever rented any equipment before? If you’re still unsure about the machine and want to learn more, then you can visit our site.