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How Much are Log Splitters and Where to Buy Them?

Now that’s fall is upon us, those of you that have to start your indoor fires are faced with yet another tedious and exhausting chore: splitting up logs to make firewood. Thankfully, there is an invention that can simplify this task considerably, provided you are willing to invest hundreds of dollars for one.

The invention is called a wood splitter, and it is a piece of machinery that can cut wood by applying a great deal of pressure on an area to help split logs. It is the best axe-replacement that can save you a lot of time and energy, which is even more noticeable when you have plenty of logs to cut. So, how much is a wood splitter and where on Earth can you get one?

Tractor Supply

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Tractor supply has quite a generous stock of options, and the price depends quite a lot on the type of splitter you’re looking to buy. Those of you that want a hydraulic wood splitter can end up paying as low as $169.99, while a horizontal-vertical log splitter can go as high as $2,599.99

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As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon delivers a wide array of log splitter, suitable for many different budgets. Prices vary depending on the quality and type of splitter.

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Troy Bilt

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Troy Bilt has a limited stock of various types of splitters for wood, but they are all high-quality products, which means that you end up paying more for them. The lowest price is for a hydraulic log splitter that will cost you just $649.99, while their most expensive product is a high-end Deluxe hydraulic splitter that costs $1,999.99.

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On Rakuten’s website, you can get a pretty decent wood splitting machine for the price of $699.79. It’s based on oil pressure technology and has an average consumption of 1,500 W.

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eBay is another great marketplace where you can look for different kinds of wood splitters and buy them at a convenient price from several resellers. For instance, a refurbished log splitter can cost you as low as $499.00 with free shipping, while a 22-ton horizontal-vertical log splitter can be bought for $949.99.

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Walmart is one of the kings of conveniently priced products, so investing in a wood splitter from this store is a good idea if you’re particularly interested in staying within a lower budget. A 6.5-ton model with a stand costs only $227.06, but prices can go all the way up to $3795.95 for a Deluxe hydraulic splitting machine from Titan.

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Sadly, Costco only has one log splitter model available, but it has a good price, which makes it a viable option for people who don’t have that much money to spend. That being said, you can buy the Powerhouse XM-580 9-Ton for just $399.99.

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Overstock has one 15-ton log splitter in their offer, which is designed to cut logs that are up to 21 inches in length. The current price is $899.99, and it comes with a three-year warranty coverage.

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Log Splitters Direct


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Log Splitters Direct is another online retailer that offers around 85 different models for your wood-splitting needs. It’s a great place for all budgets, as you can buy the Boss Industrial 7-Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter for just $369.99, while something more advances, like the YARDMAX 25-Ton 208cc Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter will cost you $969.99.

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Houzz has got its own set of log splitters up its sleeve, such as the more compact 6-ton electric model from Aavlx, which costs $282.97. Those of you looking for the extra torque can buy a 10-ton gas-powered splitter from Sportsman, which costs $941.90.

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Wood Splitters


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Wood Splitter is a website dedicated to those who are looking to save time with cutting wood. Their offer includes a wide variety of splitters, such as the Boss Industrial Dual Action Electric Log Splitter ($795.99) or the YARDMAX Electric Log Splitter ($399.99).

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Harbor Freight


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Harbor Freight provides you with a 20-ton splitting machine from Predator, which is priced at $799.99, and has some really useful features, such the integrated wheels for easier moving and the compact-size that’s designed to make the product easier to store.

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Home Depot

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For your home maintenance and improvement needs, there’s always Home Depot to turn to. Their log splitter offer includes products that are as cheap as $227.06 (for the 6.5-ton log splitter from WEN), but also as expensive as $2,399 (for the 420ton kinetic splitter from Power King).

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Bottom Line

Naturally, you’ll have to consider what type of wood splitter you’d most fancy before actually making a buying choice. It’s important to buy one that’s up to the challenge, being able to cut as much of the wood you need in the most efficient way and without consuming too much time.

What type of log splitting machine do you think works best for your wood-cutting needs?