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Where to Buy Chicken Coops: 11 Places to Check Out

Chicken coops have come a long way since the large wooden boxes that some of us grew up with. They now have automatic door opening systems, ramps, trays for easier cleaning, egg collecting boxes, and even integrated heating systems to keep the chicks warm during the winter.

While some people are really fond of the idea of making their own chicken coops from scratch, others would much rather buy ready-made coops, which are now available in all shapes and sizes, with different features for people who are willing to spend less or more on a house for their chickens. So, if you’re looking where to get a chicken coop, then this is the list for you!


Kiev, Ukraine - December 15, 2011 - The Amazon.com sign on a monitor screen. Amazon.com is an american world's largest e-commerce internet shop, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.

As always, one of our favorite places to shop online is Amazon. With a wide variety of different types of hen houses available, Amazon will give you the opportunity for cheap budget buys or premium models, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend. Making it the best place to get one if you prefer to shop online. This one right here is a small, yet classy option, which provides your chickens with a place to sleep, but also a small enclosed space for them to bask in sunlight without being dragged away by ferrets.

Get One Here



Wayfair logo in white background

Wayfair has always been generous with the items it has for sale, but also with the prices that are often decent and provide you with a good shopping experience. You’ll find that this particular chicken coop shares a lot of similarities with the one before, only it’s available in another color scheme. It is still a reliable wooden chicken coop that comes with built-in windows, metal slide bolts for the doors and can house up to 5 chickens.

Buy One Here


Tractor Supply

Tractor supply logo

Those of you that own a farm or want a reliable website to buy stuff that you might need around the house should give Tractor Supply a chance. As far as chicken coops are concerned, we found this design to be very appealing and comes with what you’ll need to start the hen house. It is available at a convenient price, has a very traditional look to it, can house up to 6 chickens, and it comes with two nesting boxes placed on opposing sides.

You Can Find One Here



Costco logo in white background

Costco is a great place to find all sorts of products, and chicken coops are no exception to that rule. This little gem right here doesn’t just look great, but it also comes with features that you really want your bird housing to have: weatherproof finishes at the exterior and interior, doors that come with metal slide latches, two stories for extra space, wire for the openings, and pull-out tray for easier cleaning.

You Can Find One Here


Walmart logo in white background

There are plenty of product categories that we could refer to where Walmart doesn’t fail to disappoint. Fit for every pocket, Walmart has always been an American-favorite. If you’re looking to buy a really large chicken coop, this one will surely tickle the fancy. It comes with plenty of space for sleeping and nesting, each of the two levels has its own access doors, and the entire structure has been treated to be waterproof.

Check Their Product Here



Overstock Logo isolated in white background

From furniture to bathing items, Overstock seems to have it all. And, as you’ve guessed, you can also visit their website if you’re looking to buy chicken coops. Make no mistake, the model you’re looking at is more expensive than the others, but only it’s more generous in terms of space. For the most part, it does feature everything you’d need from a product of its kind, like enclosed outdoor space, weather and UV-resistant coating treatment, and even a raised perch.

More Info About The Product Here



Petco logo isolated in white background

Petco is one of the best sources for all things animals. From the best offers on subscription pet food to all the accessories needed to raise plenty of different animals, Petco can actually surprise you with having chicken coops in their offer. If you fancy raising birds that could provide you with fresh eggs, here is a chicken coop that’s made from recycled plastic-wood polymer composite that’s non-toxic and resistant.

You Can Find One Here



Ebay logo in white background.

When you think of buying stuff online, eBay is probably the second name that comes to mind for most people, second only to Amazon. That’s because you can find almost everything you want, like this really cool chicken coop. I have to confess, if I had one of these as a kid, I could totally have turned it into my own personal castle, that’s how cool it looks. But all childhood dreams aside, this is a product that can house up to 5 chickens, has a wide perching area, finished surfaces, and it’s compatible with different kinds of automatic doors.

Check Their Chicken Coop Product here



PetSmart logo isolated in white background

If you’re looking for a chicken coop design that’s a bit more original compared to what you’ve seen so far, this Duplex that’s available on PetSmart is bound to impress at least a few of you. They’re basically two separate chicken coops that are connected through an area enclosed, giving your chicken the perfect spot to stay outdoors and enjoy the fresh air while still having the fence to protect them from predators.

Find One Here


Carolina Coops

Carolina Coops Logo

Carolina Coops is basically a website that allows you to create your own chicken coop with the design and features of your choice, and have them make it for you. You start off by picking the size coop you want, and then add more features that you think would be beneficial. For instance, you can opt for a cupola, a Dutch door, a special order roofing color, and even a heated watering system.

More Info About Their Product Here


Chicken Saloon

Chicken Saloon Logo

The last shopping spot we’d like to suggest for your chicken coop needs is Chicken Saloon. Operating since 2011, Chicken Saloon is here to make sure that you can find the chicken coop you’re looking for, but also to enhance your shopping experience by providing you with the information and advice you need to really offer your chicken the best housing conditions possible.

Learn More About Their Coops Here



And there you have it. If you’re looking where to find a good hen house for your birds, let us know if you found one from this list! While not everybody has a yard, a farm, or the will to grow their own chickens, the variety of chicken coops that you have at your disposal is nothing short of impressive. It’s true that the satisfaction of building your own coop is priceless, but some people don’t want to waste time on that, and that’s perfectly fine.

With websites like the ones we’ve gone through today, you have a 99% chance of finding a chicken coop with the specs and design that you find most suitable for your yard. Have you come across other websites that might be just as good for buying chicken coops? Let us know in the comments!