Where to Buy Solar Lights? Check Out These 11 Places!
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Where to Buy Solar Lights? Check Out These 11 Places!

Solar lights are a magnificent invention. If more households would turn to renewable energy, like the one from the sun, and harvest it to turn it into light and electricity, we’d all be doing a better job at keeping the planet’s resources safe. While it may seem like an insignificant purchase, solar lights are actually a great place to start.

Through solar panels that absorb the power of the sun, convert it into electricity, and then store it in batteries that help power the lights, this invention has found its way into multiple yards where people are looking to save money on their electricity bills and reducing their electricity consumption. If we caught your attention and got you interested in the idea of outdoor solar lighting, how about we tell you where to buy them, as well?


Wayfair logo in white background

Wayfair is a wonderful place for online shopping. You can get some pretty good deals on solar lights for the garden that are mounted outdoors, and serve different purposes. For instance, you have this pack of Cullens deck lights which have a very beautiful design. They can complement wooden, metal, or stone decks of all designs. The package includes four light fixtures with warm LEDs.

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Kiev, Ukraine - December 15, 2011 - The Amazon.com sign on a monitor screen. Amazon.com is an american world's largest e-commerce internet shop, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.

Amazon will always be the best place for almost anything and is the king of online shopping, so you’re bound to find plenty of solar light fixtures that can showcase the beauty of your yard, but also serve utility purposes. They even have solar outdoor Christmas lights. This example right here is a pack of two solar-powered string lights that are perfect for decorating your shrubs, trees, bushes, or even the deck rails. Each string has 100 LEDs that are connected by a flexible copper wire, so there’s plenty of ways to manipulate the lights to fit different objects of interest. Amazon’s also a great place to look if you’re searching where to buy rechargeable batteries for solar lights.

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Tractor Supply

Tractor supply logo

You might not have heard about Tractor supply, but this is a company that goes back to 1938 and has opened more than 1,800 stores all across the US. They offer in terms of solar lights is quite generous. For example, you can buy this vintage-style iron lamp that has a solar panel attached on top of the fixture. It’s a fabulous piece made with a beautiful rustic finish and an aluminum casing.

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Walmart logo in white background

Walmart is no stranger to a good deal either, and they do have their fair share of good solar light fixtures that will serve many different purposes and tastes. For instance, you can get in-ground solar lights like those from Moonrays at a good price. These lights feature a waterproof design, LED bulbs, a 360-degree display, and they are a money-saving option for those who need lights in their yard.



VM Innovations

VM Innovations logo


Are you looking for a solid shed light? VM Innovations is now selling the Designers Edge 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Shed Light, a wall-mounted fixture that is attached to a solar panel through a 16-foot extension cord. That means that while the solar panel can be placed in a sunny spot, the light itself doesn’t have to, so you can use it inside your tool shed, garage, or gazebo.

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LED Lighting Wholesale

LED Lighting Wholesale logo in black background


Ready for some more awesome deals on solar panels? LED Lighting Wholesale had got you covered. You can find plenty of lights just as good as this WestGate one. This is a solar-powered floodlight, meaning that it has way more lighting power, brightness, and intensity compared to regular solar lights. It’s a great option for outdoor spaces that require more than just ambient lights, like driveways, pathways, or entryways.




GILROY, CA/USA - APRIL 26, 2014: Best Buy store front. Best Buy is an American multinational consumer electronics corporation operating in the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and China.


Welcome to BestBuy, your American provider of all things cool and affordable! Like solar lighting, for instance. You can get your hands on some really high-quality lights, like those from MAXSA Innovations. They sell fixtures that come with two lamp heads that are powered by LED bulbs. They are equipped with motion sensors, NiMH batteries, and all the mounting hardware needed to install these on your exterior walls.



Outdoor Solar Store

Outdoor Solar Store logo in white background


Outdoor Solar Store is a Colorado-based company that sells quality commercial and professional solar lights for different types of customers and their needs. You can get some pretty good deals on more high-tech solar lights, like these floodlights that are powered by 16 very powerful LEDs. On a full charge, these lights have a runtime of 8 hours, which should have you covered from dusk until dawn.

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Target logo in white background

Similar to Wayfair in many ways, Target is yet another great place to shop for solar lights, including unique ones that make for easy projects for your garden lighting. You will find a diversity of lights that serve a multitude of purposes. If you have a bigger yard, you can look for packs that come with multiple lights and which ultimately offer you a better price per unit. For instance, a pack of 8 in-ground lights is available for less than $40.

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Home depot logo

Nothing says “I’m ready for home improvements” like a visit to a Home Depot store. Know you have the chance to scout their online store is search for solar lights. They do offer quite a variety of products that are bound to satisfy tastes that differ in terms of light destination, aesthetics, or method of installation. Prices vary from $4 to $570. You can even check out string lights and fairy lights during certain times of the year.

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Ebay logo in white background.

What started off as an auction store back in 1995 has now become a giant worldwide marketplace for people to create their own stores and sell a variety of products. That means that you have a high chance of getting a good price for solar lights from respectable sellers (always make sure to read feedback from other customers before buying something from a seller).

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As you can see, your options in terms of where to buy solar lights are very generous. Regardless of which of the aforementioned stores you visit, you are likely to come across at least one solar light model that’s close to your ideal product. Scout offers and buys packs of multiple lights if you’re looking for more than one fixture. Are there any solar light stores that come to mind to complete our list? Let us know!