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Why You Should Clean Your Gutters In The Spring

Some backyard spring chores are more important than others, but cleaning the gutters in Spring is on the top of the to-do list. After a long winter, they are most probably clogged with sticks, debris, and leaves that you just have to remove. To make you even more aware of why this particular task is so crucial, discover a few reasons why you should clean your gutters in the spring.

Keep in mind that cleaning the gutters can be a messy and challenging job. If you feel like you cannot do it on your own, do not be afraid of using the help of professionals, such as Leaf Filter. It’s a patented technology that doesn’t allow anything to enter your gutters except the water and will save you a lot of time and struggle!

Prevent Water Damage

Mold on a white wall
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When your gutters are clogged, the water has no space to flow. Because of that, it just accumulates in one place. Since gravity is pulling it down, it finds its way to your home through the crevices and cracks in the siding. Best case, it will just leave some hideous marks on the ceiling and walls. Worst case, this can lead to mold growth. Once mold appears in your home, it becomes very problematic. First, because it is very unhealthy. Second, it is difficult and expensive to get rid of it.

Avert Pests 

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Clogged gutters look ugly and unattractive to humans. However, it is not the case when it comes to pests and rodents. In fact, it is a perfect habitat for them to gather. Once they occur, they will become a serious problem and threat to you and your family. So instead of fighting against them, make sure you clean your gutters to avert them from appearing in the first place. It will save you not only plenty of money but also sanity, which is even more important.

Stop Water From Pooling Around Your House

basement garage with high water flooded
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The moment your gutters aren’t working well can be a huge risk for your house foundations and the basement. The reason why is because gutters help remove rain far away from your house. When they are clogged, the water can’t be properly drained, and it starts to collect in pools next to your home foundation. First, because of that, the water can steep down and flood your basement. What is more, it can also weaken the foundation of your home, which leads to cracks. These foundation cracks can later make your floor uneven or even create cracks on your walls. 

Extend The Life Of The Gutters

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It is not a secret that clean gutters equal working gutters. Anytime they clog, they also get damaged after a while. Since they aren’t cheap, why should you extend your budget by replacing them with new ones? Do everything you can to lengthen their life, and there is nothing better you can do than clean them frequently, especially at the beginning of spring when they are full of debris, leaves, sticks, and water. Because of that, they can be damaged under the mounting weight or exposed to corrosion.

Increase The Curb Appeal 

House with beautiful curb appeal
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When the spring comes, you do everything to make your yard stand out. To make sure your whole property looks beautiful to increase its curb appeal, you cannot forget about the gutters. When someone watches your home from the street, detail such as clogged and dirty gutters can make your place less appealing. To avoid it, get rid of everything inside your gutters and let it look spectacular.

Save A Lot Of Money

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Partly, we have already mentioned that, but it is crucial to understand how much money you can really save if you regularly clean your gutters. When you have a flooded basement, cracks in the foundation, leaking roof, mold growth, or broken gutters, you will end up paying a fortune to fix these problems. So the best way to not spend all that money is to maintain the gutters at least every year, at the beginning of spring. However, we recommend you do that more often to be sure none of these problems occur!

To Sum Up

Spring is a perfect time to start working around your house. The one task that you cannot avoid is cleaning your gutters. After the winter, they are usually full of debris, leaves, sticks, and other dirt. Clogged gutters can be very dangerous and lead to hideous marks on the ceiling and walls, mold growth, foundation cracks, or pest development. If you don’t want any of these to happen, clean your gutters immediately at the moment when there are no more frosts!