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9 Winter Fire Pit Ideas to Keep You Warm

Winter is coming, and it won’t be long before you have to put on your winter jacket every time you leave your house. The good news is that there is a brilliant way to feel warm when you spend time outside in your yard, and it’s called a fire pit

You can choose something simple and inexpensive or put some effort and money to build an extraordinary fire pit. Whatever you decide on, most of the time, you’re only limited by your imagination. To find some inspiration, check out these amazing fire pit ideas!

The Best Fire Pit Ideas for Winter

Log and Stump Fire Pit Seating Area

If you have a fire pit in your backyard and a few logs to spare, you can create a magical space where the entire family can gather, tell stories, and cook s’mores. You can buy or reuse some old logs or repurpose wooden crates, pallets, or other pieces of wood to make a comfortable seating space for at least a couple of hours.

Snow Fort Fire Pit

If your family is ready to embrace this winter’s snow and is willing to put some elbow grease into constructing a snow fort, it could make a magical place to spend some time outdoors despite the low temperatures.

This creative idea is perfect for families of at least four members, where everyone can pitch in to make this project happen. It seems like such a wonderful place to gather, share family moments, and take awesome pictures.

Swing-Bench Fire Pit Seating

If you want something a little more comfortable than logs and stumps while enjoying a winter fire pit, how about opting for wooden swings? Ensure that these are constructed to withstand low temperatures and that the moisture coming from the snow won’t damage them. This is a great idea for year-round firepit fun, as well.

European Flair: Sunken Seating in the Woods

The comfortable cushions and throw pillows are placed on the stone edges surrounding a fire pit in a setup that seems torn from a family Christmas movie. While you probably won’t need all those seats in your backyard, you can improvise something similar with paving stones, patio seating, and a DIY flat-topped wall.

Woodpile Cabin Fire Pit

If you have a heating system that uses wood as fuel, you probably have wood piles. What if you used all these logs to create a cabin-like concept where you could put a fire pit in the middle? This way you can enjoy a very cozy spot that could keep you shielded and warm even when spending time outside in the winter!

Patio Caldera Fire Pit

If you’re not yet the proud owner of a fire pit, but you do own a patio, why not install a fire pit right on it? This way, you could enjoy spending time outside next to the fire even when the snow has settled in. You won’t have to wipe the seats clean every time, and the gentle snowflakes won’t bother you while you’re sipping on a cup of hot cocoa. Enjoy the roaring fire, and look around at nature’s beautiful white coat!

Simple Winter Fire Pit 

If you think having a fire pit is an idea way too complicated or expensive, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s super-easy to make as long as you’re willing to get some basic materials and dig a hole into the ground.

There are plenty of tutorials that will show you just how simple it is to create your winter fire pit on a budget, one perfect to use even when the snow melts, and summer nights are perfect for spending time outdoors.

Fire Pit on a Budget

If you lack the budget, time, or energy to make your winter fire pit, here is another ingenious idea that might help you enjoy this outdoor setup with the family. Use your coal-fueled barbecue as a fire pit. You can take advantage of a barbecue’s heatproof construction to set some wood on fire and place some chairs around this improvised fire pit.

Winter Wonderland Fire Pit

If you want to create the outdoor dream setup that will draw the entire family together during the cold season, remember decorative outdoor lights! Lighting can go a long way in helping you create an outdoor winter wonderland.

Make sure you’re as generous as possible with your outdoor lights and decorate as many elements around the fire pit as possible. It will be a delight to be outside for children and adults alike.

Winter Fire Pit FAQ

Winter campfire couple roasting marshmallows in firepit for smores at ski holiday resort. Asian happy woman relaxing after ski.
Image credits: Maridav via Shutterstock

Do fire pits keep you warm?

Yes, but how they keep you warm will depend on the type of fire pit you have. For example, some pits will warm you up because of the heat-emitting flame, such as open fire grill pits or simple hole pits. Others will keep you warm because of the materials that retain the heat and radiate it, including brick, concrete, pavers stones, etc. Those extra degrees can keep you warm and toasty.

How do I get more heat from my fire pit in winter?

It depends on what type of fire pit you have. If your fire pit requires burning wood to generate heat, or you want it to give out more heat, you can experiment with different firewood types.

Softwood is typically better for starting a fire and tends to give out more heat than hardwoods. Also, make sure that you’re using dry wood all the time when starting a fire. Increasing the surface area can also help because it allows more oxygen to reach the fire.

Do I need a cover for my fire pit during the winter?

Yes, because a cover can shield the fire pit from many different things during the winter. First and foremost, it prevents moisture build-up, which can lead to equipment corrosion. It is especially true if you have metal fire pits.

It will be much easier to clean the fire pit once the snow has melted because you won’t end up discovering piles of debris inside your pit. A cover will keep it all out. You should also consider that some fire pits make perfect shelters for rodents, and you don’t want yours to end up being a home for critters.

Life Is Better Around The Fire Pit

Even if you don’t own a fire pit, you can always make one yourself. It will allow you to stay warm during the cold months and provide you with plenty of memorable family moments.

If you’re not ready to take the chances of starting a bonfire in your yard, then a fire pit is a wonderful idea! With a little bit of imagination, you can create a setup so fine that your family will be asking if you guys can stay outside for a while longer.

Which fire pit idea you liked the most? Comment below, and as always, please share!