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9 Beautiful Winter Planter Ideas

Winter is lurking around the corner, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on gardening. One of the best ways to showcase gorgeous plants during the cold months is by growing them in containers. It’s because multiple species are strong enough to withstand cold weather, adding amazing colors to your landscape.  

What’s best, creating winter containers is a simple task, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener. All you need to know is what pots and plants can resist harsh conditions and have some creativity. So you can save time searching, below you’ll find nine winter planter ideas that will help to turn your winter garden into something beautiful!

Box of Fresh-cut Evergreens

Is there anything that resembles a winter forest more than this beautiful planter full of fresh-cut evergreens? To create it, go to the woods or your backyard and find the materials yourself. Pick up some logs, pine cones, and branches to bring their woody aesthetic to your yard. You can also feel free to add some ribbon, ornaments, and twigs to make this idea stand out even more!

Symmetrical Winter Planters 

Instead of having one planter, why don’t you have two facing each other in front of the door, welcoming your guests? This idea will not only add plenty of charm to the entrance of your house but also make it look more symmetrical.

The list of supplies is very short, consisting of incense cedar, magnolia tips, birch logs, pine cones, some boxwood, and of course, a container filled with soil

Window Box 

No one said that you have to place your planter on the ground. With the right plants and supplies, you can hang a window box that will look cute from the outside and smell great from the inside of your house! For the best result, mix some evergreens with red ornaments, such as bells, ribbons, or twigs. Also, depending on the size of your window, choose suitable pots so that the whole idea looks aesthetically pleasing.

Lantern Planter

If you want your planter to catch the eye of visitors and make your outdoor space cozier, consider decorating it with a lantern. Thanks to that, the spot where you put it will be illuminated and charming. Use the evergreen of your choice, add some ornaments, and that’s it! Just make sure the candles are well protected so as not to set the branches on fire.

Christmas Tree Planter

Since winter planters are often associated with Christmas, you should use creativity to bring the spirit of the Xmas Holidays to your yard. With the chicken wire, baubles, and evergreens of your choice, you can build this planter that resembles a Christmas tree!

It can be as tall and wide as you like, so if you have limited space, create something small but pretty. However, if the space isn’t an issue, do not limit yourself and go big!

Simple Planter With String Lights

Sometimes less actually means more, and this planter is a perfect example of that. As you can see, you don’t need much to create a wonderful atmosphere outside your house. Pick up a few fresh evergreens, place them in a container wrapped in a bag and net, and decorate them with some string lights. If you feel like this isn’t enough, you can always add some ornaments and decorations to make it look even more stunning.

 Obelisk Trellis Gift Planter

Another fantastic way to make your outdoor space look more unique is by placing a planter made of the obelisk trellis and a wooden basket. To take it to the next level, add your favorite evergreens, some string lights, Christmas baubles, and a red bow on top.

It will look like a Christmas gift, so if you struggle with finding a perfect Christmas present, give it to someone important to you!

Hanging Baskets 

It doesn’t matter how much space is available or how big your budget is since you will always be able to find a suitable winter hanging basket! You can hang one, two, or as many as you want! The same with the decorations. If you want to go wild, add some lights, pine cones, and red berries, but if you like to keep it simple, just use a few evergreens.

Rustic Planter

Not every winter planter has to be modern and shining. If you live for the rustic feel or want to bring some countryside vibe to your yard, this is a great option. Pick a rusty container, fill it with messy-looking evergreens and ornaments, and add an old wooden frame for extra charm. However, do not limit yourself. Go to your garage and find some forgotten objects that will be perfect for this idea!

Ring In The Season!

Many people believe that the beginning of freezing temperatures is the end of the gardening season. However, this couldn’t be more wrong! With the proper plants and tools, you can create wonderful planters, highlighting the charms of your garden. 

Whether you prefer large planters and are willing to spend a lot of money, or work with small spaces and have a limited budget, you will be able to find a suitable option for yourself. Let your imagination go wild and make your garden stand out this winter!

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