WORX Wheelbarrow Review: The Aerocart
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WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow Review: Multifunctional For Easy Yard Maintenance

Working in the yard and garden often requires a certain amount of tools and supplies from time to time. The trips carrying mulch, plants, transplanting tools, or moving something from one area to another can add up quickly. It may be great exercise to make those multiple trips, but can also be a real hassle to be efficient in completing a task when you can’t concentrate on just one thing.

Owning a wheelbarrow can be a real help to move materials from one place to the next, especially if you have a heavy load. The average wheelbarrow makes due in a pinch, but what if you had one that was multi-purposeful and designed specifically for outdoor yard and gardening tasks that went beyond just hauling materials?

The WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow is just that, and can transform into multiple tools to help you when, and where, you need it.

WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow
  • Height  3 cu. ft. tray
  • Tires  Two tire system
  • Warranty  3 yrs.
Ames Easy Roller Yard Cart Ames Easy Roller Yard Cart
  • Height  4 cu. ft. tray
  • Tires  Four tire system
  • Warranty  90 days
Marathon Residential Yard Rover Marathon Residential Yard Rover
  • Height  5 cu. ft. tray
  • Tires  Dual tire system
  • Warranty  1 year
Sun Joe Heavy Duty Garden and Utility Cart Sun Joe Heavy Duty Garden and Utility Cart
  • Height  7 cu. ft. tray
  • Tires  Two tire system
  • Warranty  2 yrs.


The WORX Wheelbarrow isn’t your standard wheelbarrow design. The difference lies in the Aerocart title, that designates it as a multifunctional cart that is compatible with conversion kits for additional use around your yard and garden. Not only can you use it as a traditional wheelbarrow to help move materials, but this design is also more of an all-in-one tool you may find you can’t live without.

WORX Wheelbarrow

This highly versatile product is built for lifting and moving almost anything you can think of and comes with a series of accessories to help make this happen. Landscaping rocks or large potted plants need to be shifted? No problem. What about clearing your driveway of snow? It has you covered.

WORX is a long standing name with a variety of helpful, and innovative tools to help you get the job done and make anyplace your workplace.


  • Never flat tires
  • Multi-purposeful
  • Can be further converted
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Metal tray


  • Only a 3 cubic foot capacity
  • Low profile
  • Plastic wheel bearings


There seems like an endless list of features this model has, of which I’ll provide details about below. The benefits of the WORX Aerocart has gained it some pretty hefty ratings from users over the years, although the design may not be quite for everyone. Take a look below at its uses to determine if this is a good pick for your needs.There seems like an endless list of features this model has, of which I’ll provide details about below. The benefits of the WORX Aerocart has gained it some pretty hefty ratings from users over the years, although the design may not be quite for everyone. Take a look below at its uses to determine if this is a good pick for your needs.


The entire design of this cart, barring the tires, is stainless steel. From the tray to the durable steel piping that provides both support and conversion abilities, this cart should hold up for years without any breakdown of strength abilities. Everything other than the cart is powder coated as well for added protection. This may not make it scratch proof, but reviews state it doesn’t rust easily, especially if stored correctly.


Stainless Steel Design


Unlike many wheelbarrows, the handles of this design end in comfortable grips to help provide cushioning to your hands. This is especially helpful for heavy loads that rest upon delicate joints as you lift, and if you have to push your load any length of distance provides better weight distribution.


3 Cubic Foot Steel Tray


The 3 cubic foot tray capacity can carry up to a 300 pound load although you may have difficulty getting that amount of material into it. As a huge fan of my 4 cubic foot wheelbarrow, I find that loading it up makes it pretty difficult to move from point A to B anyway as it is rather heavy.To me a 3 cubic foot tray is probably a perfect size to move with comfort, especially since the WORX design is made to make a 200lb load feel like 17 lbs. To some people who need to move large loads quickly, this may be a bit too small a tray to be effective, and this wheelbarrow truly isn’t made to be used for any sort of commercial sized yard jobs.

Flat Free Dual Tire Design


A flat free tire ensures you won’t be changing out your tire after every sharp rock, or unexpected nail, creates a puncture. Inflated tires also eventually begin to rot out in the weather, causing cracks and fissures that may cause slow leaks, or unpatchable sidewall damage.Flat free tires are made of durable plastic that may wear over long term use, but will give you the peace of mind that you can get straight to the task at hand without having to change a tire. The only real drawback is that it doesn’t have as much give as an inflatable, and can make your travel over rough ground a bit ‘bumpy’.



The greatest feature of this wheelbarrow is what it comes with to make it multi-purposeful. Whereas a regular wheelbarrow is mainly for hauling only what you can lift into or out of it, the Aerocart provides you with the tools to move awkward or heavier items with ease.It is important to note that the entire system is somewhat low profile, making a taller person having to lift the handles higher which may cause some unbalancing of a regular wheelbarrow load. This was the number one complaint of users, if a complaint was made.



This dual dolly feature provides you with a 300 lbs carrying option of large, heavy objects around the house and yard, or an 80 lbs capacity when used with the extension arms for bulkier objects. This is extremely helpful in that your wheelbarrow now has become a household help as well for moving more than just yard related items.

Potted Plant and Rock Mover


Save your back with the included mesh and pot straps to help lift large, awkward loads that you may not be able to load into a wheelbarrow on your own. SImply extend the extension arms, clip on your strap after getting it situated, and lift! No more dragging decorative items or trying to lift and carry them into place- this tool will get it done for you with a minimal amount of effort.

Bag Holder


You don’t need a separate bin for your yard waste anymore. Simply snap on the included bag holder to the frame of the cart and put in your bag of choice, freeing up your hands and making transport to the curb for pickup an easy task. This may be my favorite feature as I find myself making trip after trip to my waste pile while pruning because I hate trying to keep a bag open while trying to load it up and find carrying it all less frustrating.

Cylinder Carrier


Cylinder clip holders snap on the frame and work with the dolly system to move rounded containers, such as trash cans, barrels, and water jugs with ease. No more dragging or tipping your trash down to be picked up, or avoiding filling a container to the top because you know you won’t be able to move it. Now you can utilize all the space and get it where you need without straining your body.


As if the above abilities weren’t enough, you can also convert your cart for even further needs with the following kits:

Wagon Conversion


Simply snap this kit into place and get rolling- no tools needed! This conversion setup includes a dual, flat free tire kit with utility and cup holder tray to turn your cart into a wagon. This makes moving garden materials around that much easier, and to sweeten the deal, and comfy cushion that fits over the edges of the cart is included. Now you can take a seat while gardening and not straining your back or knees.

Snowplow Conversion


Fully adjustable to three different heights, this plow snaps into place and is secured without the use of any tools, making setup, and teardown simple. A galvanized steel wear strip is part of the poly plow bed to keep the edge protected and provides you with the ability to get the most out of each sweep. Clearing and moving snow by hand has never been easier with this kit.


Firewood Conversion


I know when I used to haul firewood from the yard to the door I was always careful of how I stacked the wood in case I hit a bump and toppled the whole load. This heavy duty steel frame and durable canvas will hold up to years of firewood loading and hauling with proper care. Plus, it attaches in mere seconds without the use of tools.


WORX provides even further accessories that works with your Aerocart depending on your needs. A 20 gallon waterbag to get water to hard to reach places or to water livestock is available as well. Organizer bags, and even tool clips, can be purchased to use with your Aerocart to personalize it for your individual needs.


20 Gallon Waterbag


Organizer Bag


Tool Clips




WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow
  • 3 cu. ft. tray
  • Steel construction
  • Two tire system
  • Never Flat tire
  • Conversion kits available
  • 3 year warranty
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I’m rating the WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow as a 4.8 out of 5 stars due to its ability for multi performance around the yard and garden, and even within the home if needed. The available conversion kits and additional accessories truly makes this a unique product to have if you are busy maintaining your property, and being able to purchase what you need, when you need it is an additional bonus.

This isn’t a product built for commercial sized work, but rather to ease the burden around your own place on smaller scales. Large jobs probably do require larger tray sizes and a higher profile for heavier lifting, but for everyday, year round yard and garden maintenance this seems like an excellent choice.


To give you an idea of what else is similar on the market concerning garden carts or smaller wheelbarrows, the following products are also available.


Ames Easy Roller Cart
  • 4 cu. ft. tray
  • Poly Construction
  • Four tire system
  • Never Flat tire
  • No Conversion Kits
  • 90 day warranty
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The Ames Easy Roller Cart is made for long lasting, durable lawn and yard work. The deep tray is made of sturdy poly, and has a 4 cubic foot capacity. It also can hold up to 200 pounds with ease, and has 4 tires total, two heavy duty tires to lift and push like a wheelbarrow, or leave level for pushing and pulling around the yard.This is not designed for heavy work by any means, although a 200 lbs load of dirt or rock can easily be tipped out as the front of the tray is sloped. It also can sit well when tipped up to shovel or rake in lighter materials to make your job go by faster.


Marathon Residential Yard Rover
  • 5 cu. ft. tray
  • Poly and Steel Construction
  • Dual tire system
  • Aired tires
  • No Conversion Kits
  • 1 year warranty
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The Marathon Residential Yard Rover is a poly cart tray with a stainless steel frame and handle construction. Holding up to 300 pounds, this is a good choice for yard and garden work around your home, or for hauling lighter loads from one place to the other. The overall design is made for pushing, pulling, and dumping of materials, plus it is extremely lightweight, and is only 29 lbs, making it easy to maneuver, even when in use.Sold in multiple colors, the looped handle also makes it easy to store since poly trays should be kept free from water and out of sun to avoid long term damage through the seasons. This is a great choice for moving larger loads of mulch or dirt at full capacity throughout your yard without the expense of a larger, commercial grade wheelbarrow.


Sun Joe Heavy Duty Garden and Utility Cart
  • 7 cu. ft. tray
  • Plywood and Stainless Steel
  • Two tire system
  • Aired tires
  • No conversion kits
  • 2 year warranty
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The Sun Joe Heavy Duty Garden and Utility Cart is a more traditional landscapers cart to help haul basic gardening tools and supplies from one place to another. Doubling as a wheelbarrow for moving soil and mulch, the front of this cart lifts out for easy dumping, and also boasts a 300 pound weight capacity.Sturdy, all weather treated plywood is supported by a durable stainless steel tubing frame, and has two oversized pneumatic tires to move over rough terrain and unlevel ground with ease. This is a time tried design for landscaping enthusiasts due to the large, level bottom the cart provides to move multiple potted plants at once It also serves well to haul wood without fear of tipping.


The WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow is a popular choice for any sort of yard and garden work, plus its added capabilities and available kits makes it versatile and innovative to have around your property. Since you would have to own multiple pieces of equipment to get done what this one investment can do- it truly is a unique piece to have due to the additional jobs it can help complete. Plus, these functions help with storage issues since you won’t have to put up and take down multiple tools throughout the year.What is your favorite function of the Aerocart? I have a hard time picking just one, but by now I’m sure you can imagine how it might be helpful somewhere around your property. If you have one we would love to hear how you use it as well. Please question and comment below, and as always, please share!