63 Xeriscape Ideas for Your Front or Back Yard
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63 Xeriscape Ideas for Your Front or Back Yard

22. Small and Simple

Landscaping rocks
Image credits: CecilLee via Canva

If your front yard is mostly concrete, but you’d want to add a touch of green to liven it up, this design is ideal. Bright green grass patches line the perimeter of the plot. Accompanying them are large rocks that match the accents of the house on top of a bed of matching gravel.

23. Transition Spaces

Swing chair in garden
Image credits: Deb Drury via Canva

This design comprises three spaces; a tile and gravel area, a pristine lawn, and a small porch swing. The tile and gravel area have a few perennials and hardy herbs planted on them (the purple chive flowers). The trim lawn is spacious enough for outdoor activities like playing with pets, and the porch swing is the more intimate space among them that gives a wider view of the garden.

24. Lit Terraces

Raised beds in kitchen garden
Image credits: PaulMaguire via Canva

This large wall features three terraces that act as raised plant beds. An assortment of trimmed boxwoods, ornamental grass, and perennial shrubs line each level. For an even greater visual appeal, up-lights illuminate the plants, giving the setting a dramatic feel.

25. Pool and Patio

swimming pool and two chairs
Image Credit: Adheesha Paranagama via Unsplash

This backyard takes on the house’s color palette and continues onto the patio and furniture. The rigid shapes of the patio layout, as seen in the long beds and rectangular couch, perfectly frame the in-ground pool that features a waterfall.

26. Using a Variety of Xeric Plants

xeriscape garden with stones, greenery, and a red flowered bush
Image Credit: Solidago on Canva

Drought-tolerant plants aren’t only limited to succulents, and this design incorporates bougainvillea and azalea shrubs, pines, and succulents for greater texture and visual interest.

27. Raised Garden Bed

Large Front Yard Xeriscaped For Water Conservation
Image credits: constantgardener via Canva

This garden bed is captivating; the large aloes, agaves, and sago palm have the same vigor and diversity as a traditional garden, only with the added benefit of less maintenance.

28. Make a Gravel Mosaic

Gravel mosaic with stone heart
Image credits: The life in pictures via Canva

For an artistic touch, you can use different colored gravel stones to create a pattern or a work of art. This design is more abstract, but it accentuates the plants and gives the layout more dimension.

29. Cottage Garden Trend

Xeriscaped Southwestern Home
Image credits: ivanastar via Canva

The Cottage garden trend features indigenous plants and hardy herbs such as mint. This type of garden is more sustainable, especially if you live in a region with intemperate conditions. The featured cottage garden has a few cacti and a southern magnolia on a raised garden bed.

30. English Garden Inspiration

Small garden
Image credits: HannamariaH via Canva

This English garden exudes a welcoming and congenial atmosphere with its bright palette. The wooden fences enclosing the layout add an intimate touch to this lounging area. Blooming hydrangeas line the entryway leading up to the couch, which can be partially shaded depending on the time of day.

31. Add Segments

Beaked Yucca
Image credits: cascoly via Canva

This front yard layout has all the massive succulents out on display; a spiky beaked yucca and a sprawling octopus agave are first to come to attention, then the Spanish Bayonet that has been planted in a raised bed follows.

32. Stone Staircase

Stone walkway
Image credits: pongpun89 via Canva

Incorporating a stone staircase into your layout creates a smooth transition from the patio to the outdoors as the rugged sandy features of the stone represent aspects of a Xeriscape.

33. Relaxation Spot

House Patio
Image credits: Elena Photo via Canva

This varnished patio extends onto grey gravel stones, and despite it featuring xeric plants, the scene looks nothing short of refreshing.

34. Add a trellis

Vineyard Trellis
Image credits: SJacobson via Canva

Much like a water feature, a trellis is an ornamental figure you can add to your Xeriscape. Some are made of metal or, in the case of the one featured, wood. The wooden trellis complements the dusty tones of the gravel and succulents and acts as a decorous entrance onto the arid garden.

35. Gravel Strip

rusty metal edge between grass and gravel
Image credits: Jonas Rönnbro via Canva

Unlike traditional landscaping that relies on a diverse arrangement of plants for visual interest, this Xeriscape design incorporates a trim lawn with some hardscaping.

The beige gravel, redwood fence, and grass bring different textural elements, and the trees and succulents make for a decent garden that won’t guzzle water.

36. Doused in Shade

A front Yard With various plants
Image Credits: Robin Wersich on Unsplash

This design is set in a plot with woodland and features a paved pathway with a bed of horse herb, which is a groundcover that can tolerate the sun and foot traffic.

Behind the lounging chairs are hydrangeas which bear lime-colored petals that pop out from the monochromatic layout.

37. Backyard Vegetable Patch

Rows of Vegetables
Image credits: Astrid Hinderks via Canva

Allow your yard to serve practical needs with a vegetable patch. This is probably the most understated idea because vegetable gardens do need commitment.

However, some vegetables can tolerate arid conditions, such as pole beans and corn. Moreover, reaping the fruits of your labor is always worth it.

38. Multiple Living Spaces

Empty basketball court in garden
Image credits: jamesteohart via Canva

If you have plenty of space in your yard, why not section it off into multiple living spaces? This yard has been sectioned into four living spaces, namely; an outdoor kitchen, a bar, a lounge area with a fire pit, as well as a sports court that can serve as both a tennis and basketball court.

39. Consider Hardy Shrubs

Perennial rock and flower shrub garden
Image credits: deboraH brock via Canva

Succulents aren’t the only plants suited for Xeriscape landscaping hardy shrubs like the stonecrop sedum and sempervivum featured in this layout can withstand freezing weather.

These shrubs can be an alternative if the rigid shapes and textures of succulents aren’t what you prefer.

40. A Rock garden

Rocky garden
Image credits: swedewah via Canva

This rock garden is a low-maintenance feature that effortlessly complements the glass and greyish elements of the house.

41. Create a Cottage Scene

Romantic cottage garden
Image credits: BethAmber via Canva

Everything about this layout resounds a cottage and pastoral atmosphere. The slender trees and thriving bed of perennials have a fantasy-like quality about them as they lead to the quaint outhouse.

42. River Pebbles

View of a pebbles pathway
Image credits: Visage via Canva

Pebbles and gravel are synonymous with Xeriscape landscaping, this is not only because they can cover the absence of grass in no time, but they can also prevent erosion and sprawling weeds. These pebbles make a narrow path between the various purple grass patches.