63 Xeriscape Ideas for Your Front or Back Yard
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63 Xeriscape Ideas for Your Front or Back Yard

43. Californian Aspirations

Image credits: JAEBONG HWANG via Canva

California’s biodiversity inspires this design. Being a state with a fairly arid climate, Xeriscapes make great use of the state’s indigenous plants. This sprawling walkway features a path of stepping stones with succulents and perennials on either side. The vibrant cannas, spiky bright star yucca, and sanguine barberry make for an eye-catching and diverse arrangement.

44. Extending Pergolas

A pergola with a canopy set up with a table and wicker chairs beneath it
Image credits: Paragon-Outdoor Store via Amazon

The pea gravel patio and pergola that extend over the dining area and kitchen are nice additions that give the space a relaxed atmosphere.

45. Modernised Fire Pit

Image credits: EpicStockMedia via Canva

The rustic fire pit, usually surrounded by gravel and stone, is given a contemporary makeover in this design. A concrete patio extends from a composite deck whose brown palette can be seen throughout the layout, from the wooden gazebo to the resting chairs around the basin-shaped fire pit.

Bordering the intimate space are Pink Muhly grass bunches and a bed of pearly everlastings for a touch of color.

46. A Floridian Feel

Relaxing by the Pool
Image credits: Tourism Australia via Canva

This design is suggestive of the legendary shorelines of Miami Beach. Stretches of towering palm trees and, in this design, an in-ground pool that allows the view of the layout. A deck complete with seating and a barbeque, as well as deck chairs propped for lounging in the sun.

47. An Outdoor Spa

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Image credits: Stephen Leonardi via Unsplash

This modern design features a completely paved backyard with some plants to soften the hardscape. The area has full sun exposure, by which the swimming pool and conjoining spa are illuminated. Nearby is a seating area complete with outdoor couches and tables, and in the background is an open view of the indoor space.

48. Still Life Pathway

Xeriscaped Residential Walkway
Image credits: Solidago via Canva

This design makes clever use of different colored gravel stones to create a pathway between a garden of cactus plants and boulders. The scene is so picturesque that it almost resembles a still life piece.

49. Boxed Beds

Cactus Propagation Bed
Image credits: Lokibaho via Canva

Take your plant arrangement to new heights by placing them in decorated plant beds to compliment the accents of your home.

50. A Hydrangea Haven

Blue Hydrangea Flowers
Image credits: Couleur from Pixabay via Canva

Hydrangeas, also known as hortensia, are a genus with 75 species of flowering plants that produce a wide variety of colored blossoms. They can have a lifespan of up to 50 years if maintained well, and their desired conditions are; morning sun, cool and moist soil to help them in dryer climates, and watering during their growing season.

51. Steep Slope Solution

Stoned Stairway
Image credits: p.tihov via Canva

This design is ideal for enhancing steep slopes. The featured farmhouse previously had an unadorned steep slope leading up to it. As a way to make use of the inclination, terraces and raised garden beds were added for more depth. The hardscaping is cushioned with purple smokebush and silvery grey Russian sage.

52. Monochrome Planting

Path in the Garden
Image credits: JillWellington from Pixabay via Canva

A monochrome planting plan can result in the greenest, most peace-inducing landscape. From the stepping stones sunken into mondo grass to the garden of autumn ferns and blushing touch-me-nots dressing the base of the towering cedar tree – all of which adapt well to dry climate.

53. Enhance Your Perimeter

Cacti garden
Image credits: Jesica Fletcher via Canva

Embellish the perimeter of your home with an arrangement of rocks and succulents. The ones featured here are slender pencil cacti and purple echeveria.

54. The Soft Cactus Design

cacti in the garden
Image credits: Chene Taljaard via Canva

Unlike the intimidating view of a mob of thorny cacti, the bristly silver torch cactus featured in this design gives off a more accessible look that matches sophisticated architecture around the plant bed.

55. Tough Tropics

Desert Gardening In Arid Climate.
Image credits: constantgardener via Canva

This design embraces the seemingly less desirable aspects of arid landscapes. Despite being monochrome, this layout is rich in texture; the gritty gravel stones, rigid rocks, and the prickly thorns on the cactus make for a unique Xeriscape.

56. Raised Lawn Patch

Raised Lawn and Brick Wall
Image credits: bgwalker via Canva

A raised lawn patch can act as a raised deck to lounge on or furnish, depending on the type of grass. This design uses the lawn patch to break away from the monotony of the gravel stones. Along with the grass, bed is a row of succulents that corresponds with the other xeric plants in the layout.

57. Garden Curvature

Pathway Going to the House
Image credits: Inspector from Pixabay via Canva

They upgraded a plain stretch of grass with a simple curved pavement. This cobblestone path is reminiscent of old cobblestone roads popular in Europe. The path they cut into the lawn is intriguing and a great way to situate various trees and ferns. The blossoming azalea tree encircled in the pavement is such an instance.

58. Circular Stairs and Terraces

Garden stairs
Image credits: emer1940 via Canva

This design is a sight to behold; the masterful hardscaping and the incorporation of plants are astounding. Surrounding this raised garden is a stone patio and leading up to the bed of grass is a distinctive circular staircase that joins two terraces.

Both terraces feature a variety of ornamental grasses, thistles, and blooming valerians that fence in a sunken and trim lawn. The lowered lawn is but a level that introduces a lit path of stairs up to the second patch of grass.

59. Artisanal Recreation Space

Perfect modern backyard picnic place
Image credits: Ziga Plahutar via Canva

This outdoor living room and pergola are artisanally built by a company that specializes in outdoor craftsmanship. The living room is complete with lights, a mounted flat-screen TV, countertop, and elevated armchairs. 

If your Xeriscape plans are too ambitious to DIY, maybe consider the artisans.

60. Mediterranean Escape

Modern Backyard
Image credits: Image Supply Co via Canva

Lounging under the shade of a pergola with a pool nearby is an image of leisure. Fencing in the lounging area is an assortment of bushes namely red Japanese maple and bright green marble pothos.

61. A Multi-Leveled Deck

Integrated Hot Tub Deck – hot tub steps
Image Credit: skiedra via Instructables

Situated between a thicket of branches and boarded fences is this chic multi-leveled deck. Everything from the wooden accents to the raised beds of succulents comes together to make this arid-friendly outdoor lounge.

62. Extended Patio

patio area with string lights, a bbq, patio chairs and a fire table
Image Credit: Arcwind on Unsplash

This quaint space features an extended patio made of composite material. The patio hosts a dining and seating area along with a sandpit within a sensible view to help monitor children as they play.

An outdoor umbrella shades the dining area, leaving some light to shine on the sandpit. Surrounding the patio are bamboo stalks and vines.

63. Bountiful Rows

xeriscape garden with plants, rocks, and organic mulch
Image Credit: Christine_Kohler on Canva

This design is best suited for narrow spaces but requires more maintenance than the average Xeriscape. Thankfully, the whole plot isn’t covered in grass but is instead covered in mulch, which is great for the soil below as it helps retain moisture. The rows of plants and trees are parallel with the house featuring a patio slab in the middle.

The patio is furnished with some chairs and a table that faces the marvelous procession of trees and shrubs. In the first and front row are flowers of genus Lantana, which is a perennial with approximately 150 species. In the second row are patches of ornamental grass and in the last row is a grove of leathery-leaved magnolia trees.


These Xeriscape ideas and designs prove that low maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean a plain and pallid garden (although that is an option). Instead, a Xeriscape can incorporate hardscapes like concrete, composites, and tiling, as well as vibrant drought-resistant plants to bring out the best in your yard.