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Merry Un-Christmas: 24 of the Best Year-Round Tree Decoration Ideas

Are you thinking about keeping the Christmas tree up all year? Every year, more people are adopting the year-round holiday tree—which makes Christmas a cinch. The best part of a year-round holiday tree is that you can change your tree as little or as often as you want: Do a one-day celebration for a birthday party, dress it up for the four major seasons, or for each of your favorite holidays, or pick one theme and leave it up all year long. There’s no wrong way!

We’ve rounded up 24 of the best year-round Christmas tree ideas. From which ornaments to hang, to what style and color of lights to hang, we’ve curated enough ideas to help you keep that tree up all year.

Year-Round Tree Ideas for Spring

1. Bountiful Butterflies

christmas and spring trees decorated in butterfly ornaments
Credit: Green Rabbit Designs, The Buzz, DympleGrl

Butterflies are one of the first signs that Spring has arrived at the end of each winter. Whether you turn your tree into a kaleidoscope of monarchs or recreate a wildflower meadow replete with pollinators of every shape and size, we adore this idea and definitely recommend this for a full spring season option, especially if you don’t want to redecorate 12 times per year. This could easily serve as beautiful seasonal decor from March through August.

    VGOODALL 11.5-inch Garden Butterfly Ornaments

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    Each pack includes 50 butterflies which can be used for various occasions (like dressing up your tree this Spring after you take down the Easter decorations). The butterflies are made of waterproof PVC material and are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. There are nearly a dozen colors and patterns in each package of butterfly ornaments.

2. Flower Garden

floral trees in three styles
Credit: The Buzz, A Beautiful Mess, Winterthur Museum Garden & Library

When has Spring officially sprung? When the crocuses, daffodils and other early bulbs emerge from the chilly ground to greet the new season. You can recreate that new day, clean slate sense of hopefulness with your own floral spring tree. The tutorial for the white floral tree outlines how to use silk flowers to decorate your artificial tree. The dried flower tree at right is created from thousands of flowers and stems gathered all spring and summer, dried carefully, and affixed to a wire frame for a year-round display.

3. Mardi Gras Tree Ideas

mardi gras trees in green gold purple decoration
Credit: Tragic Sensation, Southern Flair

Fat Tuesday has its own traditional decor, of course—all of which lends itself beautifully to adorning a tree. Masks, beads, glitter, flowers, noisemakers, ribbons, you name it. The traditional colors of gold, green and purple set these trees well apart from more traditional Christmas decor, so no one will think you’ve just accidentally left the tree up a few months too long.

4. Make Your Own Luck

St. Patricks day Tree ideas
Credit: Christmas Traditions, Creatively Sams, Suzanne

Shamrocks, gold coins, leprechauns, horseshoes and hats are iconic St. Paddy’s Day decor. You can make some yourself with this ornament tutorial from Creatively Sams.  Deck the tree in green and gold, cross your fingers, hang a horseshoe over your door, and start looking for rainbows…

5. Rainbow Madness

rainbow themed year round trees
Credit: Suzanne, Smart Fun DIY, Suzanne

Or make your own rainbow. This tree could serve you well year-round, but it’s great for St. Patrick’s Day, Pride Month (June), Summer, an art classroom or daycare. Rainbows are so versatile and these trees are so fun, there’s really no need to restrict this design to one part of the year. The upside-down tree is also a fun twist that can be adapted to all holidays. Get the details from Smart Fun DIY.

6. Bunny Hop

Easter Bunny themed Christmas Trees
Credit: Stacey Murphy, Jenell Yearwood, Jennifer Perkins

Who better to represent Easter on your tree than the Easter bunny? There are a number of ways to pull off this look, including this great tutorial for the giant Easter Bunny tree at right. Whether you use plastic eggs, paper ears, or a pinata (like the tree at left), you’re sure to get rave reviews for your Bunny Hop tree this Easter.

7. Eggs Aplenty

Easter Egg themed trees
Credit:, Peanut Blossom

Easter eggs are one of the most iconic Easter decorations throughout the world. This example from BHG uses naturally dyed eggs and satin ribbon, and the Peanut Blossom tutorial uses real eggs as well. But you can replicate with these colorful paper mache egg ornaments (and reuse them year after year). The eggs are lightweight, colorful, and made to hang on your tree.

    Gardening Will Paper Mache Egg Ornaments

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    The eggs measure approximately 2.5in tall and 1.5in wide. They come in six varieties including different colors. Each package is sorted randomly.
    Attach the eggs to your holiday tree by looping or tying the satin ribbon to the tips of your tree’s branches.

Year-Round Tree Ideas for Summer

8. Cinco de Mayo Tree Decorating Ideas

cinco de mayo tree decorating ideas
Credit: Kristen Day, treetopia, They Call Me Socially Awkward

Cinco de Mayo’s festive air and bold colors are prime year-round tree decor material. But there’s no reason to limit yourself to decorating only the tree! This papel picado banner tutorial can help you spread the celebration to the walls, doorways, front porch, street… wherever you can hang a garland.

9. Mothers Day Tree Decoration Ideas

year round trees decorated for mothers day
Credit: TODAY, treetopia, Jenell Yearwood

You love your mom. That’s the long and short of it. With any of these ideas, no mom could miss the message that this tree decor is just for her. Make it extra personal by creating decorations with your mother’s photos following this tutorial at treetopia.

10. Pride Tree Decorating Ideas

pride month tree decor and rainbow artificial tree
Credit: Kathleen Speare

We already posted rainbow tree ideas for Spring, but Pride deserves a special mention in Summer because June is the ideal month for a rainbow tree. You can get an artificial tree, featured above, with rainbow branches. There are a number of LGBTQIA ornaments, garlands and lights available, as well. Or, like the other rainbow trees from Spring, you can choose to simply decorate your tree in a rainbow assortment of ornaments, bows, lights, streamers or garland.

11. Fathers Day Theme Ideas

fathers day trees decorated with dad's interests
Credit: treetopia, Chris Mar, Technabob

You could always do a generic Father’s Day tree with #1 Dad ornaments and his favorite colors. Or, you could deck out the tree in his favorite sports team, movie franchise, or game. This is a fun 12-month idea, too. There’s no reason we can’t celebrate Star Wars from January to November, right? For tips to creating a themed tree without breaking the bank, check out this tutorial on Treetopia.

12. 4th of July Holiday Tree Ideas

independence day tree decorating ideas fireworks flags picnic
Credit: USA Today, Confessions of a Holiday Junkie, Ivan Carlson

Whether you drape your tree in flags, fireworks and stars, or recreate a lakeside Independence Day picnic, or go representative with red flowers and blue ornaments on a white tree, there’s no wrong way to decorate for the 4th of July. One thing photos can’t capture is the way fiber optic fireworks mimic the real thing—without smoke or noise, and all month long. Not only do they make great 4th of July decorations, but they also fit well with Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, and many other American holiday themes.

    DenicMic Firework Lights

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    Celebrate with these amazing twinkle lights that create a festive atmosphere! The bulbs, wires, and battery box are waterproof, and each light contains 50 bendable wires with 200 LED micro lights. Timer function included.

13. Tropical Getaway Trees

tropical luau hawaii christmas trees
Credit: Sandra La Chance, Go Visit Hawaii, Casa Watkins Living

Summer is time for fruity drinks, outdoor gatherings and the best and boldest colors of the year. Using silk flowers, bold-colored ornaments, birds, tropical foliage and even gilded dried fruit, you can have a scorching hot summer vacation tree, too. These 6-inch tropical birds will bring that summer vibes atmosphere to your home or yard no matter where you live.

    Prim 6-Piece Clip-On Tropical Birds

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    A flock of tropical birds is just what your summer celebration needs! These 6-inch foam parrots are fitted with metal clips so they can be affixed to anything you please... even your shirt, if shoulder parrots are your thing. Birds are packaged randomly and all unique, but may not match image.

14. Beach Vibes

beachside themed decorated year round trees
Credit: Greedy for Colour, One Kind Design, Crazy Shenanigans

Whether your idea of the beach is about building sandcastles and playing volleyball, or collecting shells and seaglass, or looking for colorful fish and sails in the distance, there’s no denying that the beachside days of summer are a great theme for a decorated tree.

15. On the Trail

summer camping tree decoration theme
Credit: Love and Life at Leodora, Lil Blue Boo, Kelle Hampton, Lil Blue Boo

Summers are for camping, and camping is for making s’mores, being out in nature, birdwatching, hiking, catching fireflies and cooking your meals in cast iron skillets over a firepit. These easy DIY s’mores and roasting marshmallows and vintage bedroll ornaments really set the tone, but what’s more evocative of summer nights than a jar of fireflies? Take yourself back to the heady days of your youth with this (humane!) replica of lightning bugs in a Ball jar. (No insects were harmed in the making of this article.)

    Solar Mason Jar Lights

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    Standard regular mouth mason jar with solar powered light lid, copper wire string light 30 Warm White LED bulbs. On/Off switch underneath the lid. Lights charged in the sun for 6-8 hours will light 10-12 hours. Jars, lights, and hangers included.

Year-Round Tree Ideas for Fall

16. Pumpkin Spice Everything

pumpkin season fall decorations ffor year round christmas trees
Credit: A Little Cuppa Tea, Nicole Kramer, Country Creations by Denise

Say what you will about the perennial trend of pumpkin-flavored food and drink, but for our money there’s no better Fall tree decor than the autumnal warm hues of a pumpkin patch. Orange, green, gold, burgundy, bronze, oh my. Whether you go literal and put actual gourds on your tree, or thematic with pumpkin shaped ornaments, or merely give the impression through golden ribbons and green garlands, you can’t beat the warmth and coziness of these trees.

17. To the Woods

fall woodland themed holiday trees
Credit: Home Talk, Diane Edwards, Giggles Galore

What’s more autumnal than furry creatures in trees preparing for the long winter ahead? Nothing, we think. Whether you go muted neutrals or blazing foliage, you’ll bring the chill of Fall air and evoke the feeling of preparing to burrow into winter. And that’s the kind of Fall we like.

    Impress Life Acorn String Lights

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    Adorn your tree with our bristle style animal ornaments! This four-piece set includes a fox, raccoon, beaver and squirrel. Fully dimensional ornaments come ready-to-hang on silver cords.

18. Back to School Year-Round Tree Ideas

back to school trees decorated with buses, school supplies and apples
Credit: Cathy, Creating Really Awesome Fun Things, My Remodeled Nest

Back to school is a fun time for kids, if you do it right. There’s not much in the world better than new school supplies, and with a celebratory tree to mark the occasion, your kids can start the school year off on the right foot. These trees would also be great for classrooms, daycares, and donation centers that collect supplies for underserved community schools.

19. Halloween Tree Decorating Ideas

spooky trees for halloween
Credit: Lilluna, Ella Claire Inspired, Jenell Yearwood

Halloween trees are no new concept to the Halloween-obsessed. It’s the perfect time to pop up the tree; you’re probably already decorating the house and yard, thinking of costumes, and getting ready for the festivities. After spooky season is over, toss up a fall theme for a few weeks, then redecorate for Christmas.

    DILISEN Halloween String Lights 3Pack

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    Dilisens 3 in 1 Pumpkins, Ghost eyes and Purple Bats, create your unique Halloween. These are cute lights that are ideal for fun theme during Halloween decoration.

Pro tip: Move the tree to the front porch for trick-or-treaters. Instead of handing out candy with a traditional candy dish, let the kids help themselves from the branches of your tree.

Winter Year-Round Tree Ideas

20. Hannukah Bush

chrismukkah trees in blue and white for december tree decor
Credit: Katie Noonan, Tom Piatek

The trend of merging Christmas and Hannukah—sometimes dubbed Chrismukkah—has been on the rise for the past few decades, and is now the official winter celebration of millions of households.

21. Ring in the New Year

ring in the new year tree decoration ideas
Credit: Mooshu Jenne, Lyfe as a Smith, A Purdy Little House

If you’re going to do something all year long, there’s no better time to begin than on Day 1. These black, silver, and gold New Year themed trees make use of noisemakers, clocks, party tiaras and masks to ring in the New Year with style and celebration. A fun DIY ornament idea: Use watch wheels and ornament hooks to whip up some inexpensive timepiece-related ornaments, or string them on twine for a garland.

    Aokbean Assorted Vintage Mixed Color Metal Watch Wheels

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    Perfect for use as necklace pendants, watch gears pieces, vintage wedding decor, scrap booking, costume decorations and other crafts. Metal alloy, nonmagnetic, in an assortment of antique bronze, silver, gold and copper.

22. A Little More Conversation

valentine's day year round tree ideas featuring conversation hearts
Credit: Turtle Creek Lane, Sandy Toes & Popsicles, Amanda Jane Brown

Conversation hearts are the best part of Valentine’s Day. That’s right, we said it. Whether you go big, like this candy-themed Valentine’s Day tree decked out in all kinds of conversation-starting hearts, or with salt dough hearts you make yourself, or go small with a simple DIY candy heart tree, you can’t go wrong.

23. Classic Red Hearts

outdoor holiday tree decorated for valentines day with red heart string lights

A great Valentine’s Day tree decoration idea, especially for outdoor trees, is a simple strand of heart-shaped lights. They’d be perfect indoors, too, of course, and on an evergreen, or around the front porch, or wrapped around the mailbox, or… well, you get the idea.

24. True Romance

Valentine's Day themed Christmas Trees
Credit: The Painted Apron, She Hunts She Cooks, Purple Chocolat Home

For a genuinely special Valentine’s Day tree, go full-on traditional romance. We love these examples from —. You can start with some lighted roses in the color of your choice, then add as many hearts, Xes and Os, beaded garlands, ornaments and anything your heart desires.

    Romantic Rose Fairy Lights

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    Elegant and diverse, the roses are ideal for other events as well such as Mother’s Day, birthdays of loved ones, and wedding parties. They require very little energy and are made with long-lasting materials (so you’ll get plenty of use from them).

A Final Word About Year-Round (Un-)Christmas Tree Ideas

Keeping a holiday tree up all year round is both challenging and rewarding. We hope that our 19 best year round Christmas tree ideas inspired you. Also, if you’re still struggling to find the perfect holiday tree, check out our latest piece on the best artificial trees.

Do you have an idea for holiday tree decorations (or pictures/videos)? We’d love for you to share with our audience in the comments section below! Happy tree decorating!