Zero G Garden Hose Review

Zero G Garden Hose Review


zero-G 4001-50 Lightweight, Ultra Flexible, Durable, Kink-Free Garden Hose

When you’re looking into accessories for your garden, the main thing most people want is something that is easy to use, cost effective and will last. In the hunt for a quality product, you might have scoured Google for the best makes and models and come across the Zero G garden hose. The Zero G hose promises to be lightweight and easy to use. It claims to be around 50% lighter than a normal garden hose which makes it easier to carry it through your garden or move from place to place if you have a large plot to take care of. The hose itself works very well at high water pressure – up to 600psi – and the tough exterior means it is very durable

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The hose itself is perfect for use with pressure washers or other high-pressure accessories as it will withstand the force of the water rushing through it.

If you’re someone who loves gardening and has a large backyard to maintain or a need for a lot of water, or you know you’re going to have to drag your hose for miles across rough terrain every week, then the Zero G is perfect for you. It also suits professional groundskeepers at sports fields and other high transit areas. The ability to use this hose at high pressure means it is perfect for car washes and other commercial uses where prolonged use of a pressure washer is necessary.


  • Lightweight design (50% lighter than commercial vinyl hose
  • Abrasion, leak and puncture resistant
  • Crush proof couplings


  • Difficult to wind up
  • Problems with leaking when attached to sprayer
  • Water needs to be completely drained from hose before storage
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Features & Benefits

The Zero G hose has loads of innovative design features and benefits for the busy gardener.


50% Lighter in Weight

One of the biggest selling points the hose has is the lighter weight. Carrying a hose around the garden, or even wheeling it on a trolley, can be tiring and makes the job seem even longer. By using innovative technology and materials, this hose comes in at half the weight of a regular hose. This means less backache if you’re carrying the hose over long distances and it is easier to uncurl and maneuver around the garden.



Kink-free Hose Design

This hose is specially designed so it will not kink easily and allow you to get on with your tasks without needing to stop and undo knots. The tough, rigid structure of the hose itself stops it from curling up and kinking when you pull it out. Cheaper, thinner hoses will bend and kink easily when you try to stretch it out from the tap or water source and pull it across your garden. The Zero G in comparison will not bend easily so when you are unraveling it, it will stay straight and keep the water flowing.


Easy to Store – Small and Compact

While the Zero G hose is kink resistant, it is able to be swirled up and stored away easily. The Tru-Flex inner core allows the hose to stay kink free but also allows it to be tightly wound into a small space – even when the weather is cold. It can be bent down to 35 degrees which means it can be wound up and stored in a box or cupboard through the winter or even just reeled onto an outdoor hose reel or spindle to save space and prevent it becoming a tripping hazard.


Tough G-Force Woven Fibre Jacket Resists Leaks and Punctures

The G-Force High-Density jacket surrounds it entirely and gives it the same durability and longevity found in commercial-grade hoses.

This means that while this hose is perfect for use in the garden, it can also be used for commercial purposes. The strength of the hose means it is just as at home on a building site as it is in a backyard. Don’t worry about pulling the hose across gravel or rough ground, the protective jacket will save your hose from developing any leaks or tears.

The materials used on the outer jacket and in the hose itself are resistant to chemicals, gasoline, and other fertilizers so it is perfectly safe to pull across your driveway or backyard even if you have been using chemicals on the ground.


600 psi Burst Rated

If you run a business washing cars or pressure washing driveways, you might struggle to find a hose that will support the level of water pressure you need. The Zero G hose has the ability to withstand 600 psi without bursting which is higher than most standard garden hoses.




Consistent, High Flow Which is Equal to a Standard 5/8-inch Hose

While this hose comes in three lengths – 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft, the water pressure coming through the hose itself is consistent. This means it is equally able to be used for watering the lawn, washing the car, mixing concrete and filling containers.



Lead-Free and Drinking Water Safe

Although the water that comes from an outside tap is safe to drink, the hose and fittings that are used can leach harmful chemicals into the water itself. Lead and BPA (a type of plastic) are harmful to humans and animals so unless you have a hose that is specifically drinking water safe you shouldn’t use it.

This hose is rated as drinking water safe as the hose itself is drinking water approved and the metal fixings are lead-free. It means that on a hot day you could fill up a bowl of water for your dog (or even a glass for yourself) safe in the knowledge that it is not harmful to you or your pets.


Patented Crush-Proof Fixtures

Some cheaper metal or even plastic fittings on the end of hoses break down and degrade over time. If you’re working in a high transit area, such as a building site or a car wash, you might have a lot of people treading on your hose or the fittings accidentally throughout the day. These newly-designed, commercial grade fittings are crush proof. This means if they are stepped on, or even driven over, they will keep their shape and integrity up to 900 pounds. The ergonomic design means it is easy to screw them on and off as well as fit them to your outside tap, sprinkler or pressure washer.


Inexpensive and Under Warranty

For the mid length, 50ft hose, you will pay less than $50, usually. This is a little more expensive than some garden hoses but it is cheaper than a commercial grade hose. With a five-year warranty, you can rest assured that it will be fixed if you run into any problems or faulty further down the line.



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Customer Reviews

With a rating of four stars on, the Zero G hose comes highly recommended by most of the customers.

Several five-star customers say it lives up to the claim that it is kink free and one buyer even compared it to like a “thick piece of rope” that moves any way you want it to. The hose can be circled round on itself and tied up as it is safe to do with the durable material it is made from. This means you can squash it into a small area for storage.

Downsides come from customers who say they have had problems with leaking and when they try to get a new one through the warranty this takes some time.


50 Foot Kink Proof Triple Latex Core – Expanding Garden Hose

  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Compacts when the water is turned off so it is easy to store
  • Goes from 17ft to 50ft when it is switched on
  • Only comes in one size (50ft)
  • Need to drain water from the hose in freezing temperatures
  • Brass connectors
  • 100% money back guarantee
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Unlike the Zero G, this is an expandable hose. It does claim it will not kink just like the Zero G design but it does not have the tough outer skin or crush proof connectors like the hose. It does squash down to a compact size and is easy to store but it is not made of materials that are drinking water safe. The triple layer construction of the hose adds to its durability but without the outer jacket, it is vulnerable to scuffing and tears.


NeverKink 8844-75 Series 4000 Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose

  • Warranty: Information not available
  • Comes in a range of lengths and diameters
  • Crush proof couplings up to 1,400 pounds
  • Not suitable for use with hot water
  • Quite heavy construction
  • Contains micro shield to prevent mold and mildew
  • Remains flexible down to 45 degrees
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Like the Zero G, this hose is marketed as a design that won’t kink or tangle. The technology used inside the hose core, called ReflexMesh, is aimed at stopping the hose from becoming knotted while also allowing it to move around freely. The fittings are metal, just like on the Zero G and they are also lead frère which makes it drinking water safe. The hose is fitted with a steel coil which makes it very durable but unlike the Zero G, it is heavy. It has a MicroShield which the Zero G doesn’t benefit from which stops mold and mildew building up. The crush proof ability goes up to 1,400 pounds which are better than the Zero G at only 900.


Legacy HFZG550YW Flexzilla 5/8″ x 50′ Lightweight Heavy Duty Garden Hose

  • Warranty: 1 year for parts
  • Lightweight design
  • Striking colour
  • Can become moldy
  • Does kink when used
  • Works up to 150psi
  • Extreme all-weather flexibility (-40 degree to 150 degrees)

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So if you need to find a hose that will withstand great water pressure, is impervious to being stood on by 900 pounds of weight and is safe to drink from then look no further than the Zero-G. This lightweight hose will withstand scuffs and general wear and tear very well thanks to the protective jacket and the quality fittings are durable and covered by a warranty. The water rate is constant and uninterrupted and the tough exterior means it is equally at home on a building site as it is in a backyard.



So if you need to find a hose that will withstand great water pressure, is impervious to being stood on by 900 pounds of weight and is safe to drink from then look no further than the Zero-G. This lightweight hose will withstand scuffs and general wear and tear very well thanks to the protective jacket and the quality fittings are durable and covered by a warranty. The water rate is constant and uninterrupted and the tough exterior means it is equally at home on a building site as it is in a backyard.

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4 thoughts on “Zero G Garden Hose Review”

  1. bought a 100″ zero-g hose at Lowes Monday June,26 2017, seeing that it is tough I discarded receipt and package, bummer
    started using the hose 3 days after purchase and the female end that attaches to the faucet leakes badly. I tries to silicon it but that did not work. I leaks where the hose is clamped to the female coupler. Hope you can improve the quality of this $60 hose.

  2. I purchased two zero g hoses. I take exception to the kink free notion. I have never had hoses that constantly kink like these.. Wish i could send them back for a redund but it seems no company stands behind their products anymore.

  3. I bought 2 each of the zero G 100 foot hose from Lowes. One for my home and one for my mom’s. It kinks all the time…both my mom and I do not like using them….I thought it would be a better hose and easier to handle than a standard 100 foot hose, especially since my mom is handicapped. It is lighter and easier to handle, but frustrating to use because it kinks so often.


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